Consolidated children’s orchestra in a thousand will perform the national Anthem of Moscow

The largest in the history of Russian brass band Festival will be held February 19 in the Hall of fame of the Central Museum of great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill. Kids will gather multitudes under a thousand musicians from twenty different ensembles (including orchestras for special children). On the challenges and prospects of music-Patriotic education we were told the ideologist of the project Vadim Workshops, the Director of Fund “the Patriot”.

photo: pixabay.com

In General, the draft consolidated orchestra is not the first: many people remember the Grand performance of the guys on Poklonnaya hill in may of 2016. But from time to time the number of participants is growing — now is the hour and a half concert will be devoted to the Fatherland defender’s Day and the Day of formation of the Military band service of the armed forces .

The festival, in addition to official guests (President of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov and many others) will come (and will participate) fellow musicians from the Bolshoi children’s choir. Popov to soloists of the Alexandrov ensemble and the State wind orchestra of Russia.

Question to Vadim Workshops:

— What goals have you set, assembling such a large group of children musicians?

— This project is not so much art but rather military-Patriotic — explains the author of the idea — that is, we combine artistic creativity of children with basic military training. And move towards the creation of children’s orchestras of military-Patriotic clubs. Besides going to a new world record, the wording of which will be: “The massive performance of a children’s brass band of the Hymn of Moscow”.

— I understand that your orchestra is about the same as that collected more Khalilov on the red square…

— In fact — of course. Now we take the bar in a thousand people (by the way, not far off, and our next major speech on may 6-7 this year), but very soon two or three or five thousand will be for us something unusual, the normal working time.

— As for the world record in General for brass band.

— At the concert in Frankfurt was the figure of 7800 participants, but very soon we will gather not just for children, and the largest combined brass band of the planet, numbering not less than 8,000 musicians — want to do it on the opening of the Festival of youth and students in Moscow.

— By the way, who are these kids, acting February 19?

They traditionally are part of children’s brass bands at music schools. But this time we’ll get better and youth groups.

— That will perform at the festival, what’s the repertoire?

— While the orchestra combined to play only two works — the Hymn of Moscow and “glory!” Glinka, learn the third — “victory Day”. By may, Arsenal will have five works. But in concert 19th after the pivot parts, each orchestra (the festival will take part about 20 teams, including two wheelchairs) sequentially, one after another offer their “calling card”, ie arbitrary program. Literally two or three minutes, you get a kind of medley. And in addition to the concert, the Museum will show its 3D installation on the great Patriotic war.

— It is important that you integrate in the festival of disability groups…

— We have a team of “Solar notes”, which involves children with down syndrome, it’s noise orchestra — there rattles, triangles. Is a specialized Academy for the disabled, where they teach at the musicians. This is a serious mission, so go ahead with them. And new records!

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