Continental Calling Cards

Our company provides its customers with long-distance and international telephone connection through prepaid phone cards with excellent quality connections and automatic search. We provide our clients with services of the highest quality, so we select only leading phone card distributors offering the best rates and services http://www.continentalcard.org/. The rates we offer are some of the best on the market.

do you Want to make international calls you were comfortable, that the connection was reliable, and the cost of calls is low?

Prepaid phone cards is the solution! Make long distance or international calls and enjoy a wonderful connection quality and low rates.
Prepaid phone cards are very popular among travelers, students, those in business overseas, those who have friends or relatives living abroad and many others. Very often with the help of phone cards you can find absolute LOWEST RATE for calling to a specific country.

What are prepaid cards?

calling cards is a method of making long distance or international calls on a prepaid basis. You pay for services far in advance. You do not need to pay any monthly fees, no need to pay for the connection, and there is no need to sign any contract. You will not receive phone bills at the end of the month. You simply pay for your calls in advance and reduce the balance of your phone card as make calls.

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