Critic Sergei Neighbors called Sofia Rotaru and Irina Allegrova primitive and devoid of taste

Popular Russian music critic harshly commented on the performances of local stars at their recent concerts.

Sergei Neighbors became famous as an independent music critic, openly Express their opinions about the stars, both domestic and foreign show business. Recently, he criticized some of the most popular Russian stars – Sofia Rotaru and Irina Allegrova, according to “Russian conversation”.

Sergei watched the new year’s concert with participation of celebrities, and he left not the best impression from their performances. Rooms and Rotaru, and Allegrova critic called tasteless and primitive, focusing on the words of their songs. According to Sosedova, Irina more stupid than logic and common sense, and spoke it badly.

About Rotaru critic said that he always respected the singer, however, her latest song is clearly not deserve the attention of music lovers . Sergei advised Sofia to change the repertoire, because its a new song he thinks is fresh.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” reported that social network users have criticized Alla Pugacheva in her repertoire and behavior on a Christmas show.

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