Daily Star: China has targeted 1,500 missiles at US military bases

China parked missile Arsenal range strikes on military bases of the United States as the generals prepare “military power” for total conflict.

Commanders of the people’s liberation
army (PLA) aim the firepower to Taiwan as part of increasing military
threats to the island. American military bases on Okinawa are in range of
the actions of the ballistic missile DF-16, which can hit targets with precision up to
1,500 kilometers.

The Minister of defense of China Feng
Shi-Quan announced this shocking statement in as tensions in the contested
the area of the South China sea threatens to escalate into war. Speaking to
legislators on Monday, Feng said that the missiles will strengthen the “modernization
weapons and military power” of China. No data on the location or number of these
missiles, the Minister said.

But Taiwan claims that
China has targeted the island 1,500 missiles.

The relationship between the two
countries fell to a record low after last year
power came the current President of China Cai Inven.

According to military experts, each
this missile has a range of 1000 to 1500 km and can carry two or more

Today it became known that, when Russia sent to China’s air defense s-400. And Japan recently sent to the South China sea, a huge ship.

Reports DailyStar – translation version
“Russian Conversation”

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