Daughter trump will get the office in the White house

Ivanka Trump



Daughter of Donald trump Ivanka trump will give access to classified information .

The daughter of the President of the United States Ivanka trump will receive a personal office in the White house and the access to classified information, despite the fact that is not in the public service.

About it reports The Guardian.

“Despite the fact that the eldest daughter of the President currently has no official status at the White house, she works from the office of the West Wing and soon will have access to classified information, even if it technically is not working as a public servant,” reads the message.

According to the lawyer, and consultant on ethics trump Jamie Gorelik, already this week Ivanka trump will receive the communications of the US administration. It will not occupy any official posts in the administration of the President and will be sworn in, but will have access to classified information. He also noted that Ivanka trump will follow all the rules of ethics that apply to civil servants.

The very trump says he will continue to give advice to his father, as he had done before “all my life”.

According to Politico, Ivanka trump should become the “eyes and ears” of the father. The newspaper reminds that last week the daughter of trump surprised everyone that was sitting next to Angela Merkel during the first visit of the German Chancellor to the White House. Edition other of Ivanka trump the role of consultant on a wide range of issues, not only in the field of women’s rights, as previously assumed.

As you know, the husband of Ivanka trump, Jared Kushner already working in the White House, Advisor to the President.

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