Dead turtle Piggy Bank, from the stomach which was removed 5 kilograms of coins




Photo from open sources

In Thailand dead turtle that had swallowed in the pool 915 coins.

25-year-old sea turtle named Piggy died from blood poisoning after surgery to remove stomach 915 coins that swallowed living in the pool where people throw coins for luck. This is with reference to Thai veterinarians reported The Daily Mail.

Before that, doctors believed that the animal is beginning to recover after removal of 5 kilograms of coins that are stuck in the stomach. Her condition deteriorated at the weekend, began blood poisoning from a serious bowel problems.

“At 10:10 in the morning, she went in peace. She is my friend, teacher and patient”, – told reporters the vet Antarica Chansu in charge of the aquatic research center, Chulalongkorn hospital. For two decades, the turtle lived in a small pond in a city Park in Chonburi province. Visitors were thrown into a pond coin “for luck” and Piggy the years, their eating .

Many of them corroded or partially dissolved. Also in the stomach of a turtle veterinarians found two fishing hook. After surgery the turtle was put on a liquid diet, but some serious problems with the intestines to save her failed. The doctors hope that the tragic case of Treasury will make people think twice before you throw coins in the ponds, where animals live. As reported, on March 6 in Bangkok staff of the Department of veterinary science of Chulalongkorn University was pulled from the stomach of the tortoise, who was given the nickname Piggy Bank, five pounds coins.

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