Deadly selfie: in the Republic of Khakassia, the teenager paid with his life in the pursuit of spectacular photos

The incident happened in the town of Chernogorsk (Khakassia). Two fourteen year old teenagers for likes in social networks under their photo and decided to climb up to a high-voltage support – survived only one of them.

According to “Russian conversation” teenagers for a selfie climbed on high-voltage support at number 19, is owned by OJSC SUEK Khakassia, located in the area called “Kirzavod”.

Frame the future of photography on the idea of the guys promised to be quite spectacular: they had planned to do a selfie, caught in the electricity pylon.

When the guys climbed on a power line, they were struck by an electric current. The blow was so powerful that one of the Teens died shortly thereafter in the ambulance.

All attempts of doctors to save him did not succeed. A second teenager was also taken to hospital.

Now militiamen find out all circumstances of the tragedy . Conducted preliminary examination.

Note that this is not the first tragic accident in the Russian Federation with adolescents who have suffered while trying to take selfies in places that are dangerous to human life.

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