Depeche Mode: a revolution in the style of Thom Yorke

Judging by the new album of the British band, her longtime frontman Dave Gahan chance encounter on the street with Thom Yorke, and then they spent the evening in conversation over a bottle of wine — with so much on the album “Spirit” almost radioheadesque pain and hopelessness. Half the songs on it — that the whole world is going to hell, half about the fact that the relationship is headed that way. Effect decided to consolidate world tour “Global Spirit Tour”, in the list of cities which have traditionally proven to be and Moscow.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

Previous work of the team – “Delta Machine”, released in 2013, has led many to speak of a new dawn group: immediately after the release of the album, scored a record number of listens and downloads on the Internet, and according to international critics and received the status as the most successful album of the group after the “Violator” released in 1990 . And this in spite of the supposedly unlucky number: “Delta Machine” 13th album of DM, which included 13 tracks. Then in parallel with the classic edition was, however, released another special, with four bonus tracks and a book with photos by Anton Corbijn, Dutch photographer and filmmaker, also worked in his time with Metallica, Nirvana, U2, Joy Division and other foreign alternative bands.

The years go by, Korban remains close with old friends: the video for the current show “dispatch” prepared as he is. The musicians performed on the background of the abstractions made in acid tones with a predominance of bright red. Most of all the audience could impress a giant pink-and-blue horse hoof. Not without frames from clips taken with the same Director: the release of “Spirit” Depeche Mode has released a video for the song “Where’s the Revolution?” one of the main songs from the album where Gahan, does not hesitate, calling people weak-willed “Patriotic addicts”, unable to take responsibility for themselves, decisions which always make a country, government and religious institutions.

Was “filmed” and another song “So Much Love” – perhaps the kind with the album content, but the sound palette is not less gloomy than the rest, except a little more dynamic. It is no coincidence that the artists called it “Spirit”, in translation into Russian – “the spirit”, “mood”. He perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the present time, a feeling of hopelessness hanging over the planet, which, as it turns out, are now not only many people in Russia. From a musical point of view, if the previous “Car” was “meaty” album, built on uneven bright melody, the current is much more monotonous, monotonous and prolonged.

Remain consistent, high-quality, elegant depechmode arrangements is the motto of the group, but no memorable juicy parties, the dramatic development of the compositions, they are lost and fade. “Going Backwards”, “Where’s the Revolution?”, “So Much Love” and “No More (This is the Last Time)” – that is, perhaps, the most successful tracks, exactly one third of the album. However, looking at going crazy with delight of fans at the concert, it seems that magnetic vocals and charisma they can forgive Dave any monotony of fresh material, which they consume not less happily than hits.

The backbone of the program, by the way, the obvious hits and was not, although she had made quite eclectic, from songs of different years of Depeche Mode and performed the first single from the album “Ultra” (1997) “Barrel of a Gun”, and “World in My Eyes” with the already mentioned “Violator” and “Everything Counts” with “Construction Time Again” (1983), and “A Pain That I’m Used To” with “Playing the Angel” (2005). In the middle of the speech Martin Gore — the most romantic songwriter of the group and the most shocking number done of her party tricks — singing legendary “A Question of Lust”, causing the whole stadium to turn on the flashlights on phones and then the equally famous “Home”, which, however, four years ago, announced in the capital a far more expressive and powerful.

However, musicians are just people, and as actors who can’t play the same show twice the same, always different perform their netlenki. The main portion of the hits for which the dispatch came many artists filed in the finale, the curtain. “Enjoy The Silence”, “Never Let Me Down Again”, “Stripped”, “Walking in my Shoes” and finally “Personal Jesus” made the fans literally cry from happiness. The highlight of this musical cake was the cover of the song “Heroes” by David Bowie, written in 1977, which is performed by Gahan admitted not all present, so took pretty cool. Her band played on the background of the black mourning fabric.

Time is cruel: go on stage, Dave is still sexy shakes his hips, spinning like a top cheerful, elegant twists of the hand and depicts a windmill. Now (at his age) it already looks a little ridiculous, like wearing eye make-up artist, but the voice is still charming, and the talent, of course, will not go away.

The way Depeche Mode were uneven. Someone is convinced that they have not managed to create anything more worthy from the 1980s-90s years, others say about the tumultuous periods of outbreaks and crises that supposedly alternate. Anyway, the “dispatch” is considered one of the most successful electronic rock bands in the world, which managed to develop their own style using a special technique of recording and innovative method of sampling. Inspired by his time Krtaftwerk, they themselves later influenced many younger performers.

Depeche Mode over the decades of its existence changed the sound. If the earliest period is better characterized by the playful dance single “I Just Can’t Get Enough”, the farther, the darker became the songs a heavier sound. At some point the team even compared with the Germans Einstürzende Neubauten — guru of industrial, musical direction, in which the emphasis is not on melody, sometimes almost destroyed, and the noises, broken sounds, arrhythmias. There was a time when DM was considered to be the Gothic subculture. Afterwards it leveled off, and the characters just took its own separate niche, and their creative pendulum continued to swing from one sound, reminiscent of earlier things, to another.

A huge role in what the team has achieved success, played, of course, the producer and the head of a major record company, Daniel Miller, who took the artists in his strong hands after a concert in a small club, where he saw them. Then another industry major labels were very strong and guaranteed to it has got talented musicians quick fame. However, in the beginning opinions about the group was divided: so, the magazine “Melody Maker” called her debut album “Speak & Spell” great and “innovative”, while “Rolling Stone” – a complete failure. So it was with all subsequent works. Despite the compliments and criticism, the artists continued to go forward, not looking back, although faced with many challenges rock stars (e.g., drug addiction). Managed not to break down and not to stop. The last album “Spirit”, of course, can hard to be perceived by hearing, but the frankness, the texture and boldness of the songs from it testifies to a certain maturity, other internal level, which left the DM. And if talking about the dry statistics, on the last visit to the capital in 2013, they gathered on the show 30 000 people, this is 45 000. Army of fans continues unabated, the numbers speak for themselves…


Luxurious rendezvous with megaleledone world music inside svirenko built a new arena came, unfortunately, in a terrible dissonance with the way this arena in Tushino people who run. And, like, brand-new stadium, global standards, metro specially built, blah-blah-blah, the parade was broadcast in all TV sets, but all in vain. As expected in Russia, lyapotu Yes, convenience was surrounded by fences but the fences so that people, for example, coming out of the subway near the arena, had to get around her not just on a special route, laid with a particularly sadistic misanthropy, as it was not even “bypass” to the stands, and many kilometers of winding in the most distant corners of the former airfield camping. It was the time to take the thing-bags, tents and barbecues to rest. Well, or at least to put some special shuttles from the metro. But that’s dreaming…

Another story with Parking. Had built, like, a lot, boasted again on television. But to stop there just like that – you figure. And it is necessary to know in advance. That is not like everywhere in the world, traveling on which, we such insanity never met bought a ticket to a concert, sit in the car, arrived at a convenient Parking lot near the stadium, took the voucher and went to touch the sublime. Here it turned out that in ADVANCE you have to buy in some sites Parking tickets. But this is only the beginning. These tickets then need to be replaced by Parking tickets to let you in on a Parking lot. And where do you think they should be changed? In the Children’s world on Lubyanka! Or concert the box office in front of the stadium. The question to the phone lady: “But to get to your concert cash, a car also need a place to write!”, – followed by a dramatic response: “what do you want, it’s Russia!”…

So, desperate spirit a Spirit here were really good.

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