Deputy defense Minister of Poland called unacceptable the bill for the American Patriot

Cистемf air and missile defense Patriot


TASS, 7 Dec. The price at which the United States agreed to sell the Polish system of air and missile defense (air defense/missile defense) Patriot (in the configuration of the PAC-3+), unacceptable for Warsaw, which will seek its revision downward. In an interview with the weekly Defense News said the Deputy Minister of national defence of Poland Bartosz Kownacki.

In November, the Office of the Ministry of defense for defense cooperation and security DSCA (Defense Security and Cooperation Agency) announced the adoption of a us administration decision on the sale to Poland of Patriot batteries for a total of $10.5 billion (37 billion zlotys). Warsaw, as noted by the weekly, ready to take over these systems not more than 30 billion zlotys ($7.5 billion). Exhibited Washington’s account, as pointed out in an interview Kownacki, was an unpleasant surprise for Poland .

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“This price was a surprise to us – he said on 5 December in an interview with Defense News in Washington. – This price is really unacceptable for us even with the considerable financial resources allocated for technical modernization of the Polish Armed forces. We just can’t afford to spend so much money on the purchase of two batteries [configuration PAC-3+] and missiles.”

The deal, as reported earlier, DSCA, also provides for the purchase by Poland of four radar stations AN/MPQ-65, four points of fire control, 16 launchers and 208 anti-aircraft guided missiles for the Patriot system PAC-3+.

Haggling over prices for a specified “package” is, according to the weekly, one of the objectives of the visit Kovnatskogo in the American capital this week. “We just can’t accept such financial terms – said he posted Thursday on the website “news difens” interview. – We will be working to reduce [prices]… We understand that one meeting is not enough to reduce it”.

The Deputy Minister of national defence of Poland also noted that a surprise for the Warsaw steel and some other elements in the transaction, in particular, pricing terms proposed by one of the American companies, attracted to the practical implementation of the agreement. Kownacki and described as “unacceptable”. But lower prices, he noted, Warsaw will seek from the companies offered reasonable conditions.

“Of course, we cannot know in advance how we will manage to reduce the price, but the US administration and [involved] the company informed that we need to reduce the price, said Kownacki. I am confident that we will be able to reach our goal, and we are currently engaged in the completion of the project, so we are at the final stage of negotiation”.

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