Deputy Minister of culture on parting with Alexei Batalov spoke on the piece of paper

A lot of people. Mostly, of course, in the age, those over… He’s played for them, Alexey Batalov, so they remember. Came to say goodbye…

Rain, rain… and asks the vulgar phrase: “Nature is crying, mourning”. Yes, there is probably someone up there just watched a favorite movie and told myself, “Moscow does not believe in tears.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

A lot of people, a lot… Here they are, all this huge turn, pass through the restaurant’s veranda, the House of cinema, no other way. Numb waitresses looking at countless crowd in an empty restaurant. People came to say goodbye.

What I can not understand… there was a lady, a respectable, well-dressed. She walked to lay flowers to the tomb… Suddenly pulls out his cell phone, almost puts it to the late Alexey and clicks. The lady goes further, directing his weapon at the widow, a daughter… “Relatives do not remove!” — rudely interrupted her man. Rude and correctly. People, people.. .

But greater still, others. People with flowers up the stairs. On the edge is an old woman, chooses the most feeble, with a stick and all lent a helping hand, everyone helps. People too.

Batalov played for those and for these, for all. What he had hoped? That movie after seeing it, people will become better, cleaner, brighter? Right hoped, correctly, where the same without hope. Because he believed in man…

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And another thing: do not read on paper, please… those who act. If you have nothing to say, better not, shut up… When the young Deputy Minister of culture this way, to write… Well, sorry, it seems that for show. Or high military rank — cheerfully reads like a report. It is not necessary.

Oh, and Michael Nozhkin said, “Many actors, Directors sent telegrams. And difficult they were or what just come, well, at least for half an hour, a minute?.. To stand, to pay a tribute of respect.”

It is difficult, after all, the generation Batalov, unfortunately, leaving nature. But Iosif Kobzon always (always!) comes and speaks from the heart. And sings from the heart. Yes, he was there at the tomb. And said… that he could call Alexey Vladimirovich Alexey A… his name was Alex… And that coffin has no pockets, and the Director, has not accumulated a lot of money. And Igor zolotovitski here’s what he said: “In the house of the actor there were funds to help a great in the past, but needy artists. Called Batalov, offered “No, thanks, I don’t need other people…”. “He was not offended, no,” recalls zolotovitski, I just realized that it is impossible for him to offer it. Although he certainly needed it.”

All remembered his wife Gitana and daughter Masha. Said what a loving family as they are all each other support. And another said that it is necessary not to leave Mary, we need to help her. And she’s very talented, writes great books…

Yuri Norstein “the Last time I saw Alexei Vladimirovich at the end of January. Called, he wasn’t feeling well. Picked Gitana: “you Know, we have birthday Masha, come.” I came Gitana put on the table vodka “Cranes” is called. Why Is “Cranes”? We drank and Batalov, if it came naturally, I started singing: “I think sometimes that soldiers, with bloody not come fields, not in our land perished when, but turned into white cranes”… (And Norstel actually sang from the stage) Verse I verse Aleksey Vladimirovich. And there, remember: “…And the wedge there is a small gap, perhaps this is the place for me…” Yeah, I thought about Batalov.

And Nikolai Burlyaev said, “Alexey Vladimirovich liked to laugh at yourself. Said: “the Directors needed someone with the tram face, that took me to the movies.” Everyone spoke about his intelligence, about the high dignity of his “raceways the voice.” His students cried. But no one remembered that Moscow does not believe in tears. And again, Nikolai Burlyaev: “Batalov’s not many roles, but he will be remembered all and always. He had accumulated wealth, but people’s love is not for wealth. And those who have money, house, who played only for the fee — they will be forgotten, all will fly away like dust”. He’s right.

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