Diana drew a portrait of Pushkin

The Pushkin Museum to mark the anniversary of his death decided to fool around and show how to represent the poet, the inhabitants of the XXI century.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

For some, it is “the first Russian rapper, who famously rhymed and was killed in a shootout,” so the youth turned his poetry into rap. Some even decorated their graffiti. The leader of group “Night snipers” Diana Arbenina sees in the poet’s talent, which provoked her to write a portrait of his Pushkin.

The Painting “Pushkin. Gogol. The overcoat” work of Diana Arbenina. Author of photo: Alena Strepetova

And others know by pictures on underwear, bags and hats that also complement the exhibition. In addition to the Pushkin kitsch presents rare editions of his books, portraits, and the sections on films and performances of the works of Alexander .

The exhibition does not pretend to serious reflections about the meaning of Pushkin, and just makes you wonder about him, and after returning home, be sure to get it off the shelf his volume.

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