Died a famous Ukrainian scientist Ilya likhtarev

Ilya Likhtarev



Photo: korrespondent.net

In 2014 likhtarev wanted to volunteer for the front.

Died a famous Ukrainian physicist, one of the leaders of the liquidation of the accident at Chernobyl Ilya likhtarev, according to journalist Sergei Kosti on his page in Facebook.

Likhtarev – doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, General Director of “Scientific research Institute of radiation protection” of the Academy of technological Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the Committee on issues of hygienic regulation and regulation of radioactive substances and radiation factors Committee of the Ministry of health of Ukraine on issues of hygienic regulation.

The journalist also spoke about the desire Likhtarev to go in 2014 as a volunteer to the front. “The man who came to Ukraine for the first time in 1986 and became a Ukrainian. Was, among other things, an episode . In the spring of 2014, at the beginning of the Russian aggression, 80-year-old likhtarev came in one of the Kiev military offices to volunteer. Clearly, rejected for health reasons. – You’re so vain, – scolded them likhtarev, I’m old and wise, I’ll help you…”, – the journalist wrote. Recall that in China died a linguist Zhou Yuguan who created a Latin transcription of the Chinese language.

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