Diet soda increases stroke risk – researchers

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Researchers conducted a study among three thousand people.

People who consume beverages with artificial sweeteners such as diet soda, are more likely to suffer from strokes and dementia, scientists have found. According to a study published in the journal Stroke, the researchers found a correlation between diet soda consumption and the frequency of these diseases, however, are unable to prove a direct causal relationship.

The researchers analyzed data on 2888 people older than 45 years and 1484 men older than 60 years from the city of Framingham, Massachusetts. In the first group the researchers recorded the frequency of strokes, the second – the frequency of cases of dementia.

“Sampling different because we studied people of different ages. Dementia is rare in people younger than 60… and strokes are rare in people under 45 years”, – explains one of the study’s authors, Matthew pace .

The researchers analyzed how many sugary drinks and diet drinks consumed by the people of each group at different times between 1991 and 2001. Then they compared these data with the number of cases of stroke or dementia in the next ten years.

Compared with those who never drank artificially sweetened beverages, those who drank them once a day, almost three times increased risk of ischemic stroke, researchers found. They also have a three times increased risk of developing dementia.

However, those who drank drinks with sweeteners from one to six times a week, faced with higher (2.6 times) the risk of ischemic stroke, however, was not more susceptible to dementia.

However, experts emphasize that the overall risk of developing these diseases is still small – 3% for stroke and 5% for dementia.

American Association of drinks producers has already released a statement, which stressed that monitoring organizations worldwide, including the Administration on control over products and medicines USA (FDA) recognized the safety of diet drinks for consumption.

Previously, scientists have stated that the producers of carbonated drinks Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have accelerated the obesity epidemic.

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Diet soda increases stroke risk – researchers

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