Diplomats of the Russian Federation had caught London in “the dirty game”: the ambassadors called the true purpose of the acclaimed film about football fans and riots

Russian diplomatic mission in the UK thought a film about football fans from Russia, which has been made by the staff of “bi-Bi-si”, propaganda and shocking.

According to “Russian conversation”, such information is contained in the comments of the Embassy, announced on his official website on Friday, February 17.

The object of the demonstration films created by Pro-government media, was the presence of fans-Russian football tournament “Euro 2016” in France. Then happened a series of riots and fights between fans from different countries. Participants some of them were citizens of the Russian Federation.

The film is called “Army bullies of Russia”. Diplomats believe that London is trying to add fuel to the fire on the eve of the world championship of 2018, scheduled to take place in Russia .

“It seems that the main purpose of the film – sow in British society fear for the safety of the fans who planned to go to Russia, to discourage the trip”, – noted in the Embassy.

According to the staff of the diplomatic corps, the story deliberately arranged, as a result, there was an image of a kind of marginal fans that discredit the whole state.

It should be noted that is also on similar measures from the West on the eve of the Olympic games held in Sochi.

Russian officials have repeatedly emphasized that questions about the safety of all citizens, including foreign, are on the utmost position in the organization of such colossal events as the world football tournament.

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