Director of “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”: the Saviour on the spilt blood will be the next

Two or three years Isaac will remain a Museum – until you prepare the bureaucratic base for transmission to the ROC. The administration of the Museum is a large photo with the views of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and the panorama from the colonnade. Nikolai Burov, domareva the second day of a pack of cigarettes, says that experiencing not so much for itself as for its employees.

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Nikolai Burov.

– It’s almost 400 people, many have families, children. I still don’t know how many I have of food. It’s the people that you need to take care of first, to help to get somewhere. I have received a dozen job offers – from the comic to the serious, without work does not remain.

The Boers said that the 30 years he worked in the theater, and now may be useful on the set.

Most of all, the Director does not want to lose the achievements of the Museum infrastructure for the disabled, was found only a year ago the optimum temperature . How will it be with the new “control”, ROC is still unclear, but there is no dialogue to learn from the experience, the Church does not. Probably have to remove a bust of Montferrand, St. Isaac’s Cathedral model of the entire exposure, not related to the Church. And of course the famous Foucault’s pendulum. It is unknown what the restoration plan of the current Director suggests work on the next ten years. Burov contract ends in June.

First received the application for Smolny Cathedral. We got it in when toppled crosses, and the rain dripped inside. Only the Cathedral was restored, as the ROC began to claim him.

In the future, the Museum can hardly be called “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”. A tour Desk and other educational components that ROC promises to organize, will not be associated with the current Museum. In addition, the Director believes that the transfer of the Savior on spilled blood will be the next step of the Church.

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