Displacing the United States. As Russia was the main on Syria

Photo: Getty Talks on Syria in Astana

New format of talks on the Syrian conflict gave their first fruits.

The Munich security conference, which starts on 17 February, will be largely dedicated to the war in Syria.

In Moscow, meanwhile, announced the cessation of hostilities between the army of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian opposition forces, and prepare for the approval of the card, which will be divided opposition and the terrorists.

By the end of the presidency of Barack Obama the United States is moved away from the talks on Syria and Russia took politicheskoi vacuum in this country.

Because of the agreement with Washington to resolve the Syrian crisis was ineffective, Russia at the end of last year created a new format of negotiations in which the parties were made by Turkey and Iran.

This format has already borne fruit and today, 16 February, in Astana was held a new meeting. However, this time it invited the American Ambassador, but only an observer .

Корреспондент.net decided to look in the new format the main solution to the Syrian issue.


New tool

At the end of last year it became known that the agreement on the ceasefire in Syria brokered Russia, Turkey and Iran. It is noteworthy that the agreement signed after the capture of Aleppo by Assad.

Then the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu said it is the result of two months of negotiations between the Syrian government and the rebels.

Were also adopted: the document on measures to control the ceasefire and a Declaration of readiness for the start of peace talks on the Syrian settlement. Russia has agreed to reduce its contingent in Syria.

This truce, which began on December 30, not valid on the territory controlled by the militants of ISIL and al-Nusra Front, as well as those oppozitsionnye groups that refused to cease fire.

A truce went the main forces of the armed opposition, which controls a large part of the territory of Syria, including Ahrar al-sham, numbering 80 units, armed with tanks and artillery. All parties to the agreement – more than 60 thousand people.

Some of the acceding groups are the Free Syrian army – the largest Alliance of rebels.

Experts then said that the new agreement between Russia, Turkey and Iran would allow Assad to remain as President until the next election at which it will be replaced by “less controversial” candidate.

Some experts and Donald trump, called a diplomatic and military success of Moscow in the middle East a new era of Russian domination in the region.

The achievements of the Astana format

Another year and a half ago it seemed that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is on the verge of collapse. Today, he intends to regain control over all the major cities of Western Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin managed simultaneously to improve relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran and strike at the plans of the West to “regime change”.

The Kremlin has quite successfully played the Syrian card, but to say that Russia will replace the USA in the role of leading external power in the middle East yet.

Today’s talks in Astana was not crowned with the same success as the first. Dekabrskoye agreement, as mentioned above, has significantly reduced the number of violations of the truce and not to negate the fighting between the Assad army and the opposition.

This time the delegation of the Syrian armed opposition respect the ceasefire for all the opposition groups, but to endorse the outcome of the negotiations refused.

Talks on Syria in Astana / Getty

The Russian side noted that the breakthrough was not and described the meeting as “a step forward”.

At this meeting, Russia, Iran and Turkey have agreed to create a group to strengthen the cessation of hostilities in Syria. Also this group will be engaged in the disengagement of terrorists and the opposition.

In addition, the parties agreed on “concrete measures to de-escalate the situation.” What it is is not specified.

The UN already holds najadi to the new format. Assistant to the UN special envoy on Syria, Jan Egeland announced that the organization is counting on the lifting of the siege of some areas in Syria after the negotiations, including in Astana.

Damascus vs Turkey

The Syrian side after talks in Astana special criticized Turkey. Syria’s permanent representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari accused Ankara of narechenie Syrian sovereignty and questioned the fact that Turkey is the guarantor of the Astana process.

“The Turkish delegation presented at a very low level. It does not correspond to those statements that Turkey is a country-guarantor in the three countries-guarantors. Thus, the work of Turkey is in doubt and many questions,” he said.


As already mentioned, Washington is fully recovered from the conflict in Syria and the new format he was not invited. New President Donald trump in pre-election promises talked about the need together with Russia to fight ISIS.

Moreover, in his inaugural speech, he called terrorism the main threat to America. But since joining trump for President, enough time has passed and no progress towards solution to the Syrian conflict was not.

Today Pentagon chief James Mattis said that the U.S. is ready for military cooperation with Russia, including joint fight against the “Islamic state” in Syria.

According to him, for a start, Moscow needs to “prove himself” and to uphold international law.

However, later the U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov said that Washington supports the Astana process.

Meeting Tillerson and Lavrov / AP

After coming to power trump said he “absolutely will create a” security zone in Syria and perhaps in Iraq. But nobody knows what it means and how it will be implemented.

How to write experts, the team of trump, there are two ways to return to the arena of the Middle East – cooperation with Turkey or the Syrian Kurds.

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