“Divine” Juliana left the stage: why ballerina Lopatkina retired

Mariinsky theater officially announced that Ulyana Lopatkina announced the end of his career. Lopatkina is rightfully bore the title “divine” and was a symbol of Russian ballet in the last quarter of a century.

Photo: Natasha Razina / MARIINSKY THEATRE

Star Ulyana Lopatkina has risen rapidly. In the school years, she was gold awarded at the prestigious competition. A. Y. Vaganova, and the legendary American choreographer John Neumeier gave her his famous miniature from “Nutcracker” ballet “Pavlova and Ceccheti”. It was in the form of her Pavlova at the Bolshoi theatre for the first time I saw Moscow in the concert benefit the outstanding ballerina Natalia Dudinskaya, who was her teacher. Saw and loved…

After graduating from the Vaganova Academy in the class of Dudinskaya, in 1991, Lopatkina was invited to the Mariinsky theatre, where she worked for more than 25 years, having had a brilliant career and performing many roles . Recent years, people’s artist and a star of the Russian ballet was injured on stage she went out less and less and now announced that the dance will be no more.

Is with incredible regret that I took this decision because to lose a ballerina who for many years was a symbol of Russian ballet, is a huge loss for the company and, most importantly, for lovers of ballet, — said the “MK” acting Director of the ballet company of the Mariinsky theatre Yuri Fateev.

She was adamant in my decision that he doesn’t want to dance anymore?

She doesn’t want, she reported that she could no longer dance. The decision she made herself. It lasted a year. Ulyana year has not appeared on the scene, has seen it all, tried everything possible. More than anyone she wanted to go on stage and dance, because it is the business of her life. Wanted and was hoping… didn’t want to leave…

— What she proposes to do in the future?

— I don’t know… until She took a pause, because she, like everyone, you probably survive such an event. She told me that she has projects, certain thoughts, but we still have to talk about it…

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