Dmitry Shepelev officially commented on the decision of the hearing and is ready to appeal

Ukrainian and Russian TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev spoke about the meeting that took place today, may 19.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Dmitry said that worries about peace
his son Plato, and for his sake ready to file a lawsuit in court to remove the obligation
to pay the missing money from the account of his mother, Zhanna Friske, which
going for treatment of the singer.

Today, may 19, took place the final meeting of the court in the case of the missing 21 million, collected on treatment of the deceased Jeanne
Friske. At the end of the meeting it was decided that this round number are required
to return to the “Rusfond” her family – mother, father and minor son

Native singer
and its civil husband Dmitry Shepelev completely denied sentences, no one could
to say with certainty exactly where the money gone . What with Shepelev took off
the obligation of payment, he defines as a personal victory. Justice Themis
found him not guilty in the disappearance amount.

“Neither I, nor my son, of course, to
this money is not touched because I didn’t have access to charity
accounts”, – shared the leading to your blog.

However, Shepelev sure that the culprit is the mother Friske Olga
Vladimirovna. The woman denies any wrongdoing, pointing out the absurdity of the situation.

After the meeting the civil husband of the deceased still have questions, the answers to which he has not yet received.

At the moment Shepelev ready to appeal the decision of the court in person
his son. He does not want to let four-year-old disappeared reimbursed

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