Dozens of people in masks attacked in Kiev whitewash the past of the Ukrainian historian Volodymyr Viatrovych

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich, dealing with issues of decommunization and the study of the history of the Ukrainian insurgent army, were attacked by unknown persons in Kiev.

As reports “Диалог.UA” the attack on Vyatrovich was committed in the afternoon on Thursday, February 16, and the details of the incident told the historian, according to “Russian conversation”.

According to Vyatrovich, before a scheduled press conference with his participation he was attacked by about two dozen young men, hiding their faces behind masks. The victim stated that unknown young men didn’t have any weapons and had to hit him several times before he came to the aid of security in the building, where was held a press-conference .

Vyatrovich said that was seriously injured in the attack, asserting that these are the representatives of leftist organizations that oppose de-communization of Ukraine.

The “left did not like the fact that Ukraine demolished the monuments to communism,” he said.

Help. Volodymyr viatrovych is the ideologue of the de-communization of Ukraine and researcher of the history of the UPA and Ukrainian nationalism in General. Repeatedly accused their colleagues from abroad in an attempt to whitewash the history of the UPA and to hide the crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists in 30-40 years of the last century.

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