Drivers in Russia will be obliged to wear a reflective vest when you stop in the dark

© REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

MOSCOW, September 23. /TASS/. Car drivers will be obliged to wear a reflective vest when you stop outside settlements in the dark or in conditions of poor visibility. This was reported by TASS on Saturday in the press center of the interior Ministry.

“The interior Ministry of Russia prepared a draft decree of the government of the Russian Federation on introducing amendments into the traffic rules, according to which it is proposed to Supplement the rules with a new paragraph 2.3.4. Innovation will be the responsibility of the driver emergency stop of the vehicle or accidents outside settlements in the dark to be in a jacket or vest with reflective strips,” – said the press center.

The same requirement would operate in case of reduced visibility.

The interior Ministry stressed that these requirements are in accordance with statistics. “The number of assaults on drivers that came out in the dark from cars has increased . Currently, the responsibility of wearing reflective items are not installed. For the six months 2017 66 has occurred such an accident, which is almost 5% more than last year”, – explained in the Ministry.

In the press center added that in most cases the drivers were on the roadway in dark clothing that did not allow motorists time to notice them. “The presence of the protective vest of the drivers is mandatory in many European countries, a positive experience which proves the expediency of introduction of this practice in the Russian Federation”, – stressed in the interior Ministry.

Now the draft decree is in the process of public discussion on the Single portal for posting information about the development of the Federal bodies of Executive power projects of normative legal acts and results of their public discussion.

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