Duda has signed the law on demolition of Soviet monuments

Photo: 24tv.ua In Poland there are almost 50 such objects

The law will not apply to monuments in the cemetery.

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed a law on the demolition of Communist monuments, reported in his administration. “July 17, 2017, the President of Poland signed the act of 22 June about the changes to the law banning the promotion of communism or another totalitarian regime in the names of buildings and facilities of social consumption,” – said in the message.

The amended law stipulates that the monuments and other similar objects “can’t pay tribute to individuals, organizations, events or dates symbolizing communism or other totalitarian system”.

At the same time, these objects do not belong to the monuments located in cemeteries or other burial sites, and monuments, not exposed or exhibited for scientific purposes or as works of art and monuments entered in the register of monuments of architecture .

Monuments that do not belong to these categories, dismantled during the year after the law came into force. In Poland there are almost 50 such objects.

We will remind, the amendments to the law voted by the Sejm and the Polish Senate in June.

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