Dzhaparov told how much Russia has violated agreements with the occupation of the Crimea

Emine Dzhaparova



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Emine dzhaparova said that the Russian occupation of Crimea has violated over 400 international and bilateral agreements.

By annexing Crimea, Russia violated more than 400 international and bilateral agreements. On Friday at a press conference said the first Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Emine dzhaparova.

“By annexing Crimea, the Russian Federation violated all possible and impossible international standards, according to our calculations is 403 international and bilateral agreements. Her goal is to erase in the Crimea all Ukrainian files,” said Dzhaparov.

According to her, the repressive machine of Russia forced all active people to leave Crimea, and those who remained were forced to remain silent.

“And all criminal and administrative cases in the Crimea, which we now say are attempts to silence people,” said Dzhaparov .

As the Minister has said, fortunately for the Ukrainians, they don’t know what it’s like to live in conditions of unfreedom, therefore, as a minimum, need to know how people live in Crimea, and to be more active in trying to protect them.

According to her, in order to intensify the work with the occupied Peninsula, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine will be presented in March 2017 communications Strategy of reintegration of Crimea.

“From main that we are going to present in 2017 is a information Strategy of reintegration of Crimea. It is a document that will give you the opportunity to send messages each audience – Ukraine, Crimea and the world and will understand how to talk to each of these audiences,” explained dzhaparova.

According to her, the Strategy will help to bring to the international community the problems of Crimea and how the Ukrainians to be more active in the Crimean direction.

“If every Ukrainian will be genuinely concerned for the Crimea and, accordingly, influence political discourse, policy work on the Crimea”, – said Dzhaparov.

“And the most delicate and sensitive audience today is Crimea. This is our Ukrainians who feel cut off from Ukraine and feel that they are forgotten”, she added.

According to the Deputy Minister, the creation of myths that do not need the Crimea to Ukraine and the world, a huge and powerful propaganda machine.

“As well as the Crimeans they do “terrorists”, “subversives” and “extremists”, they also deliberately create myths about Ukrainians and Ukraine diskreditiert. Our document about the fact that Crimeans are not indifferent Ukrainians”, – summed up dzhaparova.

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