Edmund shklyarskiy: “do Not understand the impotence, which is given for art”

Released in the birthday of Edmund Shklyarskiy the album “Sparks and Kankan” justifies striking the name of the graceful compositions, imagery and musical expressiveness. “Picnic” is one of the most famous Russian rock groups, but staying true to yourself, it enriches their creativity and new interesting songs, it paints new colors, complements details. All created over decades by a group similar to a fancy Palace, built by a talented architect and an eccentric, and it continues to grow. In an interview with “ZD” Szklarska told about why he doesn’t like fiction, can art be “domestic”, like painting effect on the music and how he developed his interest in dark, mysterious aesthetic.

photo: Andrew Fedechko

– Edmund, the last time we talked with you four years ago, when you have presented to the public its program of “Morse code”. Since then, there have been a lot of interesting. On the agenda — new album “Sparks and Kankan”. What for you personally is his main statement?

I don’t consider the album as a statement, like some kind of message coming from the personality. For me it is rather something else. Anyway, this is the expression that fortunately resonates with other people and not confined only to, say, in a narrow circle, and opens broad horizons. And make any calls I never wanted to be. Anyway the song “Picnic” is an imaginary world in which I immerse the character of a particular song.

This imaginary world is somehow connected with reality, with your life? Or are you completely abstract from what is happening?

– Let’s start with the fact that I really don’t like fiction, so maybe the world that we create, closer to real, but either way it’s bogus. Some elements are deliberately enhanced in hypertrophied to create volume, convexity. I’ve never had songs about how people, for example, went to the store, bought a piece of sausage and ate it — I’m exaggerating, of course. I’m interested in-depth experience. One of our heroes, for example, the person who found your way to these or those circumstances. He explores the world of “touch” through private lessons and mistakes.

– You always very artistic images. And that imaginary reality, which you say comes through very clearly visible in the paint. Parallel to today, many artists sing about more mundane things, obyavlyaet music. What do you think, for example, songs about what we see outside the window, can claim the role of art or is it something else?

– Depending on how these things filed. Once we were in a Museum in Vienna. On the ground floor were displayed several paintings of rené Magritte, and in the end of the hall on the walls as objects of art were glued to toothbrushes, and something else similar. Enough dreary spectacle. Not only because everyone can stick to the wall toothbrush and call it a work of art, and because of that, I think, art can not be born without difficulty — not necessarily physical, but sometimes internal. Freebie or impotence, presented as art, is not the path to go the artist.

– Speaking of the way of the artist: you know those moments when you feel the need to take a time-out or a continuous process?

– I have no such thing as a “working day”. When something is born, it often happens suddenly, you don’t even notice it happening. For example, if we talk about the text component, sometimes you can hear some phrase in the dialogue of people on the street or in some movie, and she remembered you. I write it down, and then it starts to grow in other words, tones, meanings, thoughts… usually, the song is always born from either a single word or phrase.

– And how you comprehend each subsequent album? Whether records some milestones for you?

– I see only from the point of view of how they then affect our lives. Some songs may like me, but not close to the audience, and in this case if I am going on about, you’ll just stew in their own juice. More important, I think, when the song finds some kind of response. Mostly at concerts we play songs that we easily exist. There are pieces of music that are asking listeners, they recorded on albums, but don’t have the organic stage embodiment, apart, when they begin to play…

– Why is this happening?

– In fact, when music is composed, recorded, creates a completely different atmosphere. To work in the Studio we don’t have to sew costumes and build sets. Many exclusive tools that we have sound, we use only during concerts. We need them not only for picking but also as part of the stage incarnation. And very important for us concerts.

photo: Andrew Fedechko

– Since the release of the previous album — “Stranger” — it’s been three years. What it has changed in the group, and what remained the same?

– One positive point is that nothing in essence has not changed. All alive and healthy, we continue to perform in the same composition. If we’re talking about some changes that we actively use to prepare a new concert program and new technologies. We always tried to do their show at a high level, and now they become even more technologically advanced. We use the new scenery, the things that we used to have just wasn’t there. All this applies to exterior design, inside, everything remains unchanged.

– Tell about a collection of “35” which was released on the anniversary of “Picnic.”

– I am cool enough to relate to the collections and did not really like to listen to them. I love albums, I believe that every song should be in your seat, and listen to them from beginning to end. The collection is still compiling, there is no such drama, even if it is a collection of the best songs.

– How was the anniversary tour?

– First, we long suffered with the name. 35 — not very clear dial, and we never beat. From the anniversary tour, we turn to a more conceptual tour, which is dedicated to the release of the album. If we talk about the anniversary tour, we played the song “Hieroglyph,” which rarely sounds at our shows. Such compositions we play round dates.

– How do you feel about this round dates? Fail if results?

Round dates are more like the organizers of the concerts. Remember, thanks to the organizers of our performances in Vladivostok two years in a row gave a jubilee concert on occasion of the 25th anniversary team…

– Is there a realization that the beginning of the path it took several decades? Or those years flew by in one breath?

We recently had a concert by sting, and soon going to the Rolling Stones. Be envied with these heroes, although they are many years on stage. I think it all depends on the internal condition and contents, how the person wants to continue to play, not lazy if he. We do not belong to those artists who could not bear to make music. (Laughs.) I remember back in my youth, when we started to play, then wanted to throw all his major work, to devote himself to music, travel, concerts. Travel, touring has always been an integral part of our lives. The sailor is setting sail is not because he loves the land and because it all the time involve some changes. And a change of scenery, lifestyle keeps him in a certain tone. As in our case.

– Continuing the theme of change: what are the waypoints in the history of “Picnic” became a turning point?

– Such moments are, of course, were, but to realize their significance only after the fact. When there are some events that you initially can’t predict the impact they will have, how will be important. When we recorded the first album “Smoke”, we did not think about why we do it, where will this lead… by chance a record to spread across the country, and thanks to her the group learned. Then a landmark event was the release of the long awaited first vinyl “Character”. Then there was a long lull: within 10 years a lot in the music world broke, the concert Agency ceased to exist… Maybe someone remembers the 1990s with nostalgia, but for us it was the dreary time, and only in 2000-ies has opened a second wind, and we continued to tour as much as we want.

– Last year you released a video for one of the most famous songs “Picnic” — “We are like anxious birds.” He became videocontrol for the film “Bird”. What happened to this story?

– On one of the shoots with our photographer friend we met Ivan Okhlobystin, who played in this film, and its Director Kseniya Baskakova. She loved this song and she came up for a picture. How organic turned videowebcamera, not for us to judge in terms of creating a video, we always give ourselves entirely into the hands of the Director with his vision. Each has its own sphere of activity.

In addition to music, you do other types of art — painting, literature… one way or another, that you create, there is a single breath. How to create interest in the mystical, grim subject?

– I can name so many things that have influenced what is creativity “Picnic”. It was in the first place, oddly enough, a surreal painting. Then, of course, the music of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix and other iconic characters. But still, the text contents are born from experiences that have caused me the picture. Besides, for me has become a very important filter through which I look at what you are doing Chinese philosophy.

I know that you were creative experiments together with the theater “Chernoenebobeloe”. What other modern theatres you would be interested in collaboration?

– This experience was rather superficial. We looked at what makes the troupe, and I thought that we could use. We are close aesthetics. But, on the other hand, we have not had a serious mutual penetration, large-scale joint project, but rather touch on a tangent. And with us constantly working our actor Igor Vasiliev. It is diverse, can portray a lot of characters and sometimes the audience think that it is some artists. So we continue to live my life without attracting extra strength.

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