Elections in France. Passed the first debate

Photo: Reuters from Left to right: françois Fillon, Emmanuel macron, J.-L. Melanson, M. Le Pen, B. Amon

On TV debates, invited five of 11 candidates for the presidency of France.

In the first televised debate of candidates in presidents of France on Monday evening, March 21, a sharp debate took place among right-populist, leader of the National front, marine Le Pen and the independent candidate, ex-Minister of economy Emmanuel Macron.

According to Le Pen, “a few years ago the beaches are not met burkini” (a bathing suit for Muslim women, covering the body entirely – ed.) and now France faces the danger of Islamization. In response, the macron criticized Le Pen’s provocation, which aimed to split the French society. He also noted that the requirement Le Pen has nothing to do with the principle of separation of Church and state .

Le Pen later has accused other candidates that they do not represent the interests of the French, and major corporations, hinting thereby at the Macron, who worked in a Bank before he went into politics. Macron said he will not allow your competitor to defame.

The debate was also attended by three other aspirants for the presidency: conservative Francois Fillon, a socialist Benoit Hamon and the candidate of the Left party Jean-Luc Melenchon. They were all engaged in a polemic primarily with marine Le Pen.

In particular, Fillon called unrealistic the plan to create 40 thousand additional places in the prison system of France. “I offer 16 thousand places in prisons, that already would be nice,” said Fillon. In his opinion, promises, Le Pen or unenforceable, or bankrupt the country.

On the issue of migration, Le Pen announced its intention to completely stop the influx of foreigners into the country. In response, the socialist Amon noted that “the percentage of foreigners in France have not changed since the 30-ies of the last century.” According to Melanson, to sharply restrict immigration is almost impossible. Fillon said that the need to introduce quotas on immigrants. However, in his opinion, they should not apply to refugees.

We will remind, elections of the President of France will be held in two rounds on 23 April and 7 may. Only, the campaign involved 11 candidates, but the debates were invited, only five the most popular of them.

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