Emir Kusturica said that he had difficulties in understanding the new language of cinema

Emir Kusturica

© AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

BELGRADE, January 13. /Offset. TASS Pavel Bushuev/. Director Emir Kusturica’s award-winning largest film festivals in Europe, including two “Golden palm branches” at the Cannes film festival, has difficulty in understanding the new language of cinema. Such a statement is known to all in the Friday newspaper Blic.

“The film has completely changed its character. Cinema is no longer what it was 20 years ago, even I have problems in understanding this new language. It is defined not as it was when I started 40 years ago, and when we laws of cinema studied in [andré] Bazin, poles and Russian. Today this does not exist, there is only market which requires that filmmakers must do, and this often leads to confusion,” – said Kusturica .

That is why its film festival “Kustendorf”, which will be held in Serbia from 16 to 21 January in the 11th time, will raise the debate on what is film, what is the series and become the best medium of expression than the film, said the Director. In the course of the review will focus on the development of film as a phenomenon and its rebirth in a new form. Opponent Kusturica in this discussion will be Paolo Sorrentino, which will become an honorary guest of the festival, a series of Sorentino “Young dad” (The Young Pope, 2016) will be screened in the cinema of Drvengrad all over cultural activities.

Festival “Kustendorf” traditionally free from red carpets, glamour, advertisement and invited for money hotel. According to Kusturica, his idea was to make the festival free, “from the spirit of Hollywood,” which he considers “ideological machine”, claiming that Hollywood is “occupied mankind consumer stupidity” and poses a threat to the author’s film and cinema. “We have no sponsors, our idea is that this festival is fueled not sponsors, but the idea of the state about itself and about culture,” – said Kusturica.

In the competitive program will participate in two dozen short films, including two works of Russian filmmakers: “Lali-Bally” Ruslan Bratov and “Mary” Gregory kolomiytseva. Participants of the contest will also filmmakers from China, Poland, Egypt, Israel, the Dominican Republic and other countries. The jury will be headed by a European producer rose Attab.

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