ENIN: the Prosecutor’s office ordered an economic assessment of the transactions of the company Investment Capital Ukraine

Investigation on the possible involvement of the company Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU), the withdrawal from Ukraine of funds is still ongoing, said the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin.

“A year ago we questioned the head of the company, we questioned the documents confirming the legality of the funds and financial transactions. So we more than two months ago sent a request for conducting an economic expert examination in one judicial expert institutions of Ukraine. Now the examination is ongoing,” said E. ENIN in the air of Gromadsky radio.

The Prosecutor General added that the activities of the officials of both the company and the state banks and the national Bank of Ukraine is the subject of a number of other criminal proceedings conducted in Neprocurement and NABOO.

As noted by E. ENIN, the verdict of the court of Kramatorsk was preceded by about 30 other sentences. Therefore, prosecuted more than 20 individuals . Among them, as noted by the Deputy Prosecutor General, there are high-level officials, e.g., Deputy heads of the ministries under Viktor Yanukovych.

The Deputy Prosecutor General also said that the confiscated funds are already 8 months in the state Treasury and can be spent on NordicTrack. “In July last year, Ukraine’s Parliament voted unanimously for the intended use of these funds for social projects, e.g. road construction, health care, education and national defense,” – said E. ENIN.

As reported, on 10 Jan 2018 Al Jazeera published a 95-page text of the sentence Kramatorsk district court of 28 March 2017, later classified as containing state secrets.

On the channel’s website the verdict is given both in Ukrainian and in English. Al Jazeera argues that the sentence reveals the schemes that have been looting the state under Viktor Yanukovych, and wonders why the court’s decision was classified.

In addition, the channel said, citing lawyers and fighters against corruption, the imposition of the sentence without the participation of non-resident companies behind closed doors gives a strong argument for these companies to achieve a return of all or part of $1.5 billion, came under specefication.

The channel also drew attention that the transaction for the purchase of government bonds (caught along with obtained for him the money under specefication) was carried out in the ICU group, serving also the interests of the current President of Petro Poroshenko. At the same time, the article provides comments by the group that in these transactions it acted solely as agent.

General Prosecutor’s office can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the text of the verdict, released by the TV channel Al Jazeera, said Deputy Prosecutor General Evgeny ENIN. According to him, the text of the decision of the court of Kramatorsk on special confiscation of $1.5 billion to the environment Viktor Yanukovych kept secret because of the continuing investigation and to protect the participants in the process

In response to the request of the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the material Al Jazeera in ICU noted that we are talking about support of transactions of purchase and sale of government bonds between Oschadbank and non-resident entities in November and December 2013, while Al Jazeera writes about the period between 2012 and 2014.

The group explained that previously such transactions, banks and other market participants could implement directly, however, the new edition of the law “On Depository system” since October 2013, obliges market participants to register all transactions of purchase and sale of bonds of internal state loan (government bonds) via the PJSC “Settlement center” and licensed brokers. “There was nothing unusual in the fact that ICU acted as broker in the transaction with government bonds, being the leader in this market” – believe in the group.

In ICU added that before entering into contracts for brokerage services conducted a compulsory procedure of identification and financial monitoring in relation to buyers of government bonds, which were clients of the state savings Bank. “The price at which the company has acquired government bonds, was negotiated directly without the participation of the ICU. ICU is not opened for these companies, any accounts not worked with them before. The role of the ICU in these transactions was limited to the function of the agent”, – stressed in the group.

ICU recalled that the national Commission on securities and stock market (NCSSM) in the investigation conducted an unscheduled inspection of the company and the audit referred to transactions and found no violations. In addition to protection of reputation, the group launched an independent audit of its operations by the group of experts, who worked with the SFMS of Ukraine and the OSCE, also confirmed the compliance with the legislation, added in the ICU.

As reported, affected by the special confiscation of the company challenged not only specefication, but the decision to classify the court’s verdict. In particular, Akemi Management Ltd in Solomenskiy district court of Kiev the claim to gosexpert on the mysteries of the Prosecutor General – the Prosecutor General about the cancellation of its conclusion of 3 June about the presence in the sentence statements containing state secrets (which is marked “confidential”), achieved some success. The court on December 19 its definition requested gosexpert explanations and/or evidence about the circumstances of the decision about assignment of the status “classified”.

The ICU group was established in June 2006, provides services in securities trading, investment banking services and manages assets of collective investment institutions. It is composed of LLC “Investment capital Ukraine”, AMC “Investment capital Ukraine”, the Bank “Avangard” and the AMC-APF “Troika Dialogue Ukraine” (all – Kiev). Previously co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors Valeria Gontareva was that on the proposal of the President of Petro Poroshenko in the Parliament in June 2014 has approved for the position of head of the NBU.

After the sale V. Gontareva shares in the ICU main partners of the group remained Makar Pasenyuk and Konstantin Stetsenko with a share of 41.7%, and Alexander Valchyshen, and Volodymyr demchyshyn, head of the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine, which belongs, respectively, of 6.58% and 9,99%.

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