Evelina Bledans told about his terrible disease

Bledans told users of the social network that she was diagnosed with serious health problems.

In recent years, leading a lot of trouble relating to her son Simeon. The boy had a leg injury, and Evelyn was very worried about him. Celebrity took my son to the doctors and tried to be with him as much as possible, according to “Russian conversation”.

Many social network users have criticized Bledans because she’s too focused on her husband and child, while not paying attention to his sister. Because of this, Evelyn is also worried, as her barrage of negative emotions from other people. Leading began to feel very unwell and decided to seek help from doctors.

In his official account in Instagram Bledans reported that doctors diagnosed nervous exhaustion and in this regard, the failures of some organs. Evelyn has a long treatment .

Leading fans supported her and wished her less nervous to getting better.

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