Expert: subsidies to the regions should be calculated for greater efficiency for three years

KRASNOYARSK, April 21. /TASS/. Subsidies from various Federal programs must be calculated for three years for greater efficiency, said the Director of Association of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR), Vice-rector of the Russian presidential Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation (Ranepa) Ivan Fedotov.

“Subsidies have to be large, three-year with the possibility of annual adjustments,” – said Fedotov, speaking at the Krasnoyarsk economic forum on the theme “New regional policy”.

According to him, the regions have development priorities identified in their strategies. In the context of these strategies to improve the efficiency of the money should be allocated as a single grant, combined from different Federal programs .

He added that in this case, it is obtained a synergistic effect, and the Executive power of constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be responsible on the agreed indicators of development of territories, including in different areas including small business, innovation clusters, etc. “There is a General strategy for the development of the subject, under it allocated a lot of money. And the authorities need to make their own decisions on what to spend: on the development of infrastructure, the social sphere and agriculture,” – said Fedotov.

As said the rector, with the regional authorities it is necessary to remove part of the load in the form of reports. “Regional bodies of Executive power is not mired in project management, not in the achievement of specific goals for the benefit of the population, and in the giant reports that 90% of all match and are in different departments. No one works on the result, all work on the process of writing reports. This is a big problem, it is necessary to struggle”, – said Fedotov.

Krasnoyarsk economic forum, which opened yesterday and will end on April 22. His main subject is “the Russian economy: agenda 2017-2025”. TASS is the strategic partner of the forum.

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