Experts: hurricanes in America may be caused by global warming

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In recent weeks in North and Central America was hit by three devastating hurricane: “Harvey”, “Irma” and “Jose”. Experts in climate change and believe that it is not just a coincidence, but a symptom of climate change, reports The Independent.

Further warming could cause catastrophic events on the planet will become more frequent and destructive than ever before. At the same time, the number of cases in which one phenomenon follows another, may increase.

“The scope of the impact of extreme weather conditions is expanding, and themselves weather events intensify because of climate change – said Jeffrey Kargel, a representative of the Department of hydrology and atmospheric Sciences the University of Arizona. No individual weather event is not due solely to climate change, but the change in the atmosphere of man – the main reason more destructive and more frequent extreme weather events” .

At the same time some scientists are convinced that human activity was the cause of recent natural disasters in America.

“Maybe, “Harvey” was a Fluke, and “Irma” could be a coincidence, says Phillip Williamson, science coordinator of the research Council and natural environment (NERC) at the University of East Anglia. But “Jose”, following immediately behind them is a graphic illustration of climate change. Devastating hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons originate in the tropics, in those seasons when the sea is warmest. So, if the planet will continue to heat up, the risk of such phenomena increases,” explained climatologist.

In the case when a hurricane is on the way other hurricane that preceded it, the second or third hurricane usually much weaker than the first. This is due to the fact that the ocean surface is cooled by water from greater depths rises to the surface. But this will not happen if the depth and on the surface of the ocean water will be warm.

“In the case of the recent hurricanes, we saw that the routes “Harvey”, “Irma” and “Jose” was crossed, however, the intensity of hurricanes has not diminished – all three phenomena belonged at least to the fourth category,” said Williamson.

“Climate change may not have resulted in a hurricane “Irma”, but it significantly increased the impact, said Dave Rey, Professor at Edinburgh University, a specialist in carbon management. – Sea level rise coupled with warmer and wetter atmosphere increase risks of floods throughout the world.”

According to NASA, since the end of the 19th century, the average global temperature on earth has increased by 1.1 degrees. The cause of climate warming the result of human activities, particularly emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. According to NOAA and the research scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, every 10 years the ocean temperature increases by 0.12 degrees.

“For our country the problem of climate change very urgent. Over the past two decades in our country more than doubled the number of extreme weather / climate events. This is particularly evident in the hydrological regime in the spring and summer months,” – said the Director of the Institute of atmospheric physics of the earth RAS named Igor Mokhov during a press conference dedicated to the Climate in Moscow urban forum Russia – 2017.

“It is obvious that in different parts of the country there are different anomalies: fills the far East, off Siberia. This is no accident. Similar phenomena associated with climate change. The events of recent years, such as the flooding in Krymsk, were associated with extremely high temperature in the Black sea, which developed superconnected (water exchange between the upper and lower layers, dependent on the changes in density, differences in temperature and salinity), which led to flooding,” said Mokhov.

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