Experts: trump did not take measures for dissociation from your business

Eric trump, Donald trump Jr., Ivanka trump and Donald trump (left to right)

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NEW YORK, January 13. /Offset. TASS Igor Borisenko/. The US President-elect Donald trump has not taken sufficient measures in order to dissociate themselves from their business, and it can be considered as a violation of the US Constitution. This was stated today in an interview with broadcaster ABC, a specialist in constitutional law, Harvard Professor Lawrence Tribe.

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“From the moment when he will take the oath as President, he would violate one of the provisions of the Constitution,” – said the expert, referring to the paragraph of the Constitution, which prohibits any person holding an elective office, to adopt without the consent of the U.S. Congress from the heads of other States, any payment, gifts, ranks, or titles . the Constitution, he said, “was compiled so that officials, especially the President, were not allowed to receive revenues from other governments or from any organizations representing other States.” “Meanwhile, every minute at least one of the hundreds owned worldwide companies receiving payments from other countries”, – the expert added.

According to the expert ethics officer Richard Painter, who oversaw this subject in the administration of George Bush, Donald Trump “you need to prove that he does not own the companies that take payments from other governments or corporations with state participation”. The expert on international law from the University of Gardausko Steve the Hotel in an interview with ABC said that the elected President will be difficult to meet this requirement.

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Meanwhile, the future of the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer said that Donald trump has “done much more than required by the rules” is to fully move away from the family business, who instructs his sons don and Eric and promised to transfer to the Treasury of the United States “all income that may be released during this period from the governments of other countries.” “The day of the inauguration January 20, when he will assume the presidency, Donald trump completely depart from business – said Spicer at a briefing on Thursday. He’s fully concentrated on matters of governance”.

Trump is President and CEO of the family company, the Trump Organization, the posts of three Vice-presidents it is his daughter Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald. Trump has repeatedly stated that before the introduction into a post of the head of state will go out of business and hand over the leadership of his company to the kids.

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Experts: trump did not take measures for dissociation from your business

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