Fans found the film about the fans of Russia “is the strength of the Russian spirit”

The President of the Russian Association of fans (VOB) Alexander Spragin
Photo: Michael Pochuev/TASS

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16 Feb, 15:20

The film “Army of hooligans Russia”, shown Bi-bi-si, “advertised the British power of the Russian spirit football fan”. About it in conversation with RBC said the President of the Russian Association of fans (VOB) Alexander Spragin

“Now those Englishmen who come here, will not behave as unbridled as in Marseilles, throwing bottles, and will behave moderately,” he said.

Spragin also said that the film “reeks of a political order”. “Was taken out of context ridiculous pieces, would be better if the British had shown themselves in the sport,” he said . The interlocutor of RBC noted that it did not know the man who in the film threatens the English “a festival of violence.” “Maybe [the translation] was incorrect imposition of English text to Russian”, — he said.

Spragin said that now in Russia “even the slightest violation” from the fans thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. In addition, the Russian football Union (RFU) carries out the prevention of these violations in the fan environment.

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