Federica Mogherini wants to experience “happiness” by removing the sanctions against Russia

On 20 March, the head of European diplomacy said that the EU would be “very happy” to remove from the Russian Federation economic restrictive measures.

According to “Russian conversation” in a speech at the Washington Carnegie Institute Federica Mogherini expressed the desire of Brussels to remove anti-Russian sanctions. However, she insisted on the execution of Moscow “Minsk – 2”.

“We would be happy to lift sanctions against Russia if the Minsk agreements are fully implemented,” she said.

Earlier, the head of the Slovak government Robert Fuca criticized the sanctions policy of the EU towards Russia. He stressed that Moscow is not a problem of foreign policy of Brussels, and stated that sanctions are not helping the national interests of Slovakia.

Bulgarian leader rumen Radev recognized that anti-sanctions harm the economy of the European Union . According to the President of Bulgaria, the economic restrictions imposed by Brussels against Moscow split the European community.

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