Fillon has pledged if elected President to build foreign policy based on interests of his country

The candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon promised on Saturday that it will build a foreign policy based on the interests only of his country, and regardless of what he formed relationships with the leaders of the major Nations.

“With the formation of foreign policy I shall consider the interests of our country, and no one else,” said he, speaking before the National Council of the party “the Republicans”, to formally approve his candidacy for the presidency.

François Fillon emphasized that it would be to stay the course regardless of their own sympathies, “regardless of who is in power in the Kremlin, and who is in the White house.”

The presidential candidate promised to protect “world peace and to ensure the safety of French.”

Speaking about relations with Moscow, he said he wants “open dialogue with Russia.”

According to F . Fillon, the end of the cold war and then the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, changed the balance of power in the world that generates threats and new challenges.

In this context, he made “for real sovereign of France, supported his army, which must be significantly enhanced”.

One of its tasks, Francois Fillon is to turn France into a “European power number one”, ahead of Germany.

The former Prime Minister of the country said that he offers the nation “a revolution of common sense” and resume development. According to him, his opponents as the socialists and the extreme right, in their programs only offer to “help the country to die.”

Francois Fillon is in favour of large-scale economic reform, tax reduction, quick debt reduction, reducing the number of civil servants. It also intends to reduce immigration to a minimum, setting quotas, taking into account the economic needs of France and how many foreigners it is able to effectively integrate. Another priority of the candidate from “Republican”, – tougher measures to combat crime. People who go abroad to fight on the side of the terrorists, Francois Fillon proposes to deprive of French nationality.

In his speech he called for the revival of patriotism: in his opinion, only this can unite all citizens, regardless of their origin and religion.

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