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A new recording purports to contain a record of the conversation with Mykola Martynenko, who is APR 20, detained NABOO.

Fugitive MP Oleksandr Onishchenko via media has published a new recording of the conversation with the alleged Mykola Martynenko, who was detained today NABOO.

Two fragments of entries published in “the Country”, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

According to Onishchenko, Martynenko visited him in London, where he had recorded the conversation. The subject of the corruption scheme Poroshenko and his entourage.

In one of the recordings the man with the voice like the voice of Martynenko confirmed that Poroshenko had sent him to NABOO to search after he told the President about the structure of business enterprise NNEGC “Energoatom”.

Marinenko: It is the business of Energoatom’t decided. Then he hit on me, let me see your discharge documents, and so on.. Well, I gave the documents, accesses. They looked. And then after that to me SBU comes. For queries around. Well, pure PI…races, you know? He told me I almost broke the system that I built about ten years… So it’s Moskalenko (the leader of the group “will of the people” – Approx.Ed.) he to me came yesterday, up to the 12th floor. He told me, leaving the head group. He began to tell. Told me about this beekeeper (ex-Deputy head of “Naftogaz” became known for having turned ex-Minister of economy Abromavicius and, according to the statement, said he was from Kononenko – Approx.Ed.). Well this is take 50 thousand, then say another. Granovsky with Kononenko – e… well your mother, 10 thousand, 15 thousand, and all them little.

Onishchenko: … And you Grigorishin (oligarch Konstantin Grigorishin. – Approx.Ed.) in a normal relationship? It you the godfather or something?

Martynenko: Um, not really. He also played against me with Peter. He’s very dangerous. It is impossible to contact.

Onishchenko: I just don’t understand this game, what Leshchenko (the Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko – Approx.Ed.) his people, but at the same time, and Pete, he suppresses everything else.

Martynenko: Well, that Grigorishin is. Here they are similar with Peter. He types and. Peter with Grigorishin decided razdelyvanie all the energy. Rinat (Akhmetov – Ed.Ed.) pressed, pressed, pressed, and I went to his throat…

Onishchenko: I’ll say why. I Grigorishin said, why Onishchenko, b…QB, Rinat climb, protects it, this is not his subject – may not fit. This is Fuchs gave. Type what the fuck he intercedes for him. This is my theme, let him not go there. Moreover, he (Poroshenko. – Approx.Ed.) wanted me to put the Minister (of environment. – Approx.Ed.) and in the Ministry to start herit Rinat. Moreover, the Minister of Shevchenko can still testify that all these squabbles that he had with the Prime Minister – also gave him the task of Peter.

In another fragment describes how people Poroshenko – Alexander Granovsky Igor Kononenko earned at the Odessa port plant.

Martynenko: …They Granovsky (they are deputies from BPP Alexander Granovsky Igor Kononenko. – Approx.Ed.) on port arranged to work my girl – the Deputy Director of Finance. Then what happens is, they put their trader who is sitting on the dock of the SCR. Next bred one serious buyer in Switzerland, which, through their mediator had to buy the volume. This is a serious buyer makes a request to the factory, they say, confirm that this broker is the amount and that it will sell. This fool, BL…signs that all is. This provider shall transfer the advance payment of 13 million euros. And that’s all. You know, right? You know? Pure criminality.

Earlier Onishchenko has published the record on which he speaks with the alleged Martynenko, as well as a transcript of a conversation allegedly with the Deputy Oles Dovgy, which he claims came to negotiate with him.

As reported, the former MP from the faction “people’s front” Mykola Martynenko was on Thursday delivered to the National anti-corruption Bureau to conduct procedural and investigative actions.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (COAG) agreed the message on suspicion to the former people’s Deputy from faction “people’s front” Mykola Martynenko, who had committed embezzlement of funds of the SE “Eastern mining-processing combine” in the amount of $17.28 million

NABU said that detained former MP Martynenko

A former MP from the faction “people’s front” Mykola Martynenko said that the charges against him was fabricated at the direction of the Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik for PR purposes and to divert attention from the failures of NABOO.

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