Find your the Ghost: a new immersive show in an old mansion

In this unique wooden house in the center of the mother see, to preserve the appearance of the late nineteenth century, was haunted. Every day they experience the same detective story about love and betrayal, hope and deception, life and death. That they are only ghosts, only know the hostess — a strange girl Sophia, which never goes out of the mansion. And every evening at the appointed hour come to the house five dozen brave souls who want to come into contact with something supernatural. However, during the three-hour adventure through a haunted mansion all understand that ghosts are people, good and pitiful, despicable, reckless, adventurous and noble. Just dead — and that’s all.

photo: pixabay.com

You are greeted like in any immersive project — I suggest to wear multi-colored masks give strict instructions: no talking, no mask to remove, no one and nothing to touch… at First, even surprised: so much fun here . Joyful cook delicious treats, decorated with edible gold cake from the Latvian cranberries. Wine all you want: it flows from the fountain, a delicious, light, slightly diluted juice. This is an ancient tradition. The juice was added to wine to prevent the use of poisons: the poison turns out to be pop up an oily stain, if you add in the wine juice. All this happily tells the cook, heavily treating guests to “Eat, guests, and the master will be angry, kicked me, and then I’ll be your dream”.

Then — even more fun: servant, Mita notifies that “they’re coming!!!” And all out in front, where they meet a wonderful couple. The owner of the house, the bride’s father, not hiding the tears of emotion, captivates everyone in the room, where there should be the wedding feast. But… the clock starts the countdown. And here starts a dark, intriguing developments, which three groups of spectators led by different characters and in different ways, collected in a holistic, highly dramatic story.

In one room playing cards — Yes! The devil himself plays green cloth steaming, and maps on your amazed eyes change pictures. In the bedroom you become a witness of erotic scenes — but still, soberly, in the spirit of a bygone era. Screenplay and directed by Agata Vavilova (she’s in one of the compositions plays the role of Sophia) beautifully stylized character and vocabulary of the dialogues of Russian novels of the nineteenth century. And method of existence of actors adequate to our ideas about “how it was before”: on the one hand, the absolute harmony that is absolutely necessary in conditions where the spectators and actors are not separated not only by rail, but at least a minimum distance; on the other slightly “distressed” manner of speech, the atmosphere of Moscow life estate 1907 (this is why the play is called “House 19/07”). Anna Kurkov, Sergey Sorokin, Sergey Borzov, Peter Tarenkov, Maria Molchanov, Konstantin Baryshnikov, Anna Dyachenko, Andrew ray, Valeria Migalina and Eugene Sachin seem to have watched many adaptations of classics of the Soviet period, in which the contact in the past era was done masterfully. The same can be said about the story: it is as if borrowed from many literary sources, from Dostoevsky and Sukhovo-Kobylin to Tolstoy and Kuprin, but famously collapsed in modern taut detective spring.

There are tricks that sometimes make you wince. For example, animating the painting, which depicts a white bird. The movement of a hand and it flies out of frame: a real, live, white dove. Or — However, do not disclose all secrets.

Unlike most immersive adventure this play — musical. Composer Rustim Bakhtiyarov, fulfilling one of the main roles, he is very famous singer. The music is captivating, memorable, original. The singers work in close space that allows them to do without microphones, it’s really cool.

The play is constructed in such a way that the story is clear to everyone, no matter where you sent a lot. However, like all good shows of this genre, it makes sense to look into the different vectors of the scenario. And another important detail: while we watch the first series. The creators of “Home 19/07” conceived it as an immersive series. So the history of the Sophia and her infernal neighbors is only beginning.

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