Finland will increase military spending because of Russia

Photo: Reuters Finland will increase the army of 50 thousand soldiers

The government explained the increase in spending by tensions with Russia.

The government of Finland will increase annual military spending of 55 million euros from the current 2.4 billion euros, according to EUobserver. And after 2021 Finland will increase military spending by 150 million euros annually.

This step is associated with the growth of military tension in the Baltic region and Russia’s actions in Eastern Ukraine. “Russia seeks to strengthen the status of world powers, and expressed the intention to establish a system of security based on spheres of influence,” – said in a report on defense policy of the government of Finland. Moscow has demonstrated a willingness “to apply the regular armed forces and a wide range of other tools” to achieve their goals, the document says.

Additional costs will, in particular, to the increase of the army . Thus, the number of the Finnish army in case of conflict will be increased from 230 thousand to 280 thousand soldiers.

Finland announced the invasion of the second fighter of the Russian Federation

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