Five years after the tragedy in Italy, I remember the collapse of the liner Costa Concordia

ROME, 13 Jan. /Offset. TASS Faith Shcherbakov/. Exactly five years ago, as well as this year – on Friday 13th, was the largest Maritime disaster, which the media called “the wreck of the Titanic of the XXI century”. Huge 15-deck cruise liner Costa Concordia displacement of almost 115 thousand tons from 3216 passengers and 1013 crew members on Board ran into a reef near a small island of the Tuscan archipelago, Giglio and miraculously did not go down. Killing 32 people, more than 150 were injured.

At 21:45 local time (00:45 Saturday 14 January, GMT) an underwater rock ripped the bottom liner, which formed a 70-meter hole.

In memory of the tragic date 13 Dec on Giglio will hold events, a torchlight procession and descent near the port of a wreath on the water. On the island are reported to be awaiting the arrival of the Minister of environment, land and sea Gian Luke Galletti .

The fate of the ship

From the notorious liner, built at the shipyards of the port of Genoa by the Italian company Fincantieri and launched in 2006, today almost nothing is left.

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Everything in the Harbor is almost complete, its utilization, costing €100 million, 80% of the materials were given for recycling and used in the secondary production as the aircraft itself worth nearly €500 million was not subject to restoration.

To disposal the ship was lying on its side on the reef near the shore of Giglio for more than two years after the disaster. As a result of unique engineering, operations, jointly conducted by the American company Titan salvage with the Italian Micoperi under the guidance of a specialist South African nick Sloan, Concordia was lifted from the reef by using attached to the sides of empty pontoons and towed to the port of Genoa in July 2014.

What happened to the passengers

All passengers of that tragic flight was paid cash compensation. The company owner Costa shosee decided immediately that each victim will be compensated in the amount of €11 thousand While the amount of compensation the families of the victims reached more than one million euros. As a result, the payments amounted to around €84 million.

Among more than three thousand passengers were 108 Russian tourists and three crew members had Russian citizenship. No Russian was seriously injured. All of them after the disaster was brought to Rome without personal belongings, clothes and money. Much work was then conducted by the employees of the Russian diplomatic missions, which in a short time helped to send his compatriots home.

The position of the company

According to rough estimates, the operation to eliminate the consequences of the shipwreck of Costa crociere at a cost of €600 million, not counting the loss of the ship, which was insured. The question of whether intentionally delayed the evacuation of passengers to the shipwreck meets the conditions for insurance indemnity company, and remained without a clear answer.

Despite all the troubles, a company with more than a century of history (it was founded in Genoa in 1850, Giacomo Costa, for sea transport between Lombardy and Sardinia), for a single day did not stop their work. The disaster had a fairly short-term effect on its quotation on the stock exchange, and very soon the company, in which fleet 15 ships, began again to make a profit.

“Sea-wolf” captain Schettino

The main responsible is the captain of the Costa Сoncordia, Francesco Schettino. Despite the fact that the primary court sentenced him to 16 years in prison (in February 2015), which was confirmed by may 31, 2016 in the court of appeal, it is still not a single day spent behind bars. For the final completion of the cycle you must wait until the end of April, when there should pass a meeting of the court of appeals, which will put an end to this matter.

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The loss of the Costa Concordia tragedy off the coast of Tuscany

While the prosecution insists on the increase in sentence Schettino to 27 years in prison, and his lawyers are seeking a full acquittal. The captain is accused of manslaughter, the loss of the vessel, causing damage to the environment, and also that he left the liner before ended with the evacuation of passengers.

At the time of the disaster, captain Schettino was 52 years old and he was considered the most experienced professional. However, the “sea wolf” relied on their own intuition, deciding to approach too close to the island of Giglio. As has established a consequence, the accident occurred due to negligence of the captain.

He is world “famous” by recording a conversation with the officer of the port Management, who ordered the captain to return on Board. Later in court, said Schettino in the lifeboat he “slipped” by accident. Only one showed his skill when the plane began to dive into the water, the captain sent him to the shore on the reefs. Thus managed to avoid the complete sinking of the vessel and a much larger number of victims.

Medal for the island of Giglio

Some passengers swam to the shore. On the island in the winter season I live only a few hundred people. Local residents have provided first aid to victims – even in their homes, opened hotels, restaurants, gave clothes, shoes, blankets. Since that fateful night on Giglio learned around the world.

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Now life there is back to normal. About the past of the tragedy resembles a special platform, which will continue the cleaning of the bottom. Because the waters around the island in the Tyrrhenian sea, part of the protected Tuscan archipelago, distinguished by a high purity and unique marine flora and fauna.

The conventional wisdom is that Giglio “earned” by the disaster, according to its mayor, is not true. Due to the presence on the island for two years of technical personnel, as well as periodic raids by many journalists, not counting the curious tourists, problemasi specifically to look at podtopleny huge liner, almost all the restaurants in the port and the hotel remained open throughout the year. “The presence of 800 people over two years cannot amount to 2-3 thousand tourists who spent on our beautiful island holiday”, – told the correspondent of TASS this summer, the mayor of Giglio, Sergio Ortelli.

According to him, during the peak season in August the number of tourists to the disaster had reached 9-10 thousand people. “After the tragedy of Costa Concordia, we lost about 15% of tourists, and, unfortunately, fails to catch up,” complained the mayor.

He also said that the island did not receive any help from European funds. According to the mayor, are greatly exaggerated and the amount of possible compensation. “While we received nothing. Damage to the island is considered indirect and can be assessed in an amount not more than €20 million, while write about €80 or even €200 million,” said Ortelli. For the dedication of the inhabitants of Giglio, who assisted the victims of the shipwreck, the island was awarded the state award – a gold medal “For civil merits”.

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