Fleet defeated by container ship. Problems US Navy

The USS Fitzgerald was seriously damaged

Seven sailors died in the collision of a destroyer with a cargo ship.

The USS Fitzgerald was faced with trading a Philippine vessel near the coast of Japan at the end of last week. On June 18 it became known that the flooding is due to the collision of the ships found the dead sailors.

It is known that the repair of the Fitzgerald, which ended in February, spent about 21 million dollars. The head of the Pentagon James Mattis says “shockingly low” level of combat readiness due to funding cuts.

In may a similar incident. In the sea of Japan an American warship collided with a fishing vessel in South Korea. But then has done without victims.

Корреспондент.net decided to find out what problems face the us Navy.


Seven of the dead sailors

The USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel under the flag of the Philippines early on Saturday morning near the Japanese port of Shimoda .

As a result of collision of a warship with a mass of 8.5 tons and a length of 154 meters with a cargo ship weighing 29 thousand tons and a length of 222 meters, the destroyer was holed below the waterline, and near the keel and was partially photoplan.

Damaged engine room and radiocanada American ship.

Immediately became aware of the seven missing sailors. In addition, injured three crew members of a military vessel, including captain Bryce Benson. He received a head injury and was taken to the naval hospital in the U.S. in Yokosuka.

Two other employees have received cuts and abrasions and were also removed from the ship for medical treatment.

It is noteworthy that most of the crew members, about 200 people, immediately after the accident, continued to sleep in their cabins.

In the search and rescue operation involved several ships of the Japanese self-defense forces and coast guard ships, and the destroyer USS Dewey and several aircraft of the naval forces.

The representative of the Navy of the USA Joseph Okain at a press conference on June 18 reported that on the lower deck Fitzgerald found the bodies of the dead sailors.

“We found the remains of several of our missing comrades. We Express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the dead sailors,” said Aucoin.

He did not give an exact number, but the Wall Street Journal reports that found the bodies of seven dead.

The U.S. Navy said that the investigation of the causes has already begun, noting that it is unclear whether the ability of the crew to anticipate and avoid collision.

Japanese publication NHK reported that the Philippine ship suddenly turned sharply just before the collision. However, the skipper denies this message.

“We were sailing in the same direction as the destroyer of the USA, and then faced”, – he said.

The former head of the information center of the U.S. Navy, retired rear Admiral John Kirby said that after investigation, military officials will be punished.

“The career of several people will be broken. Warships should not suddenly in the night to drown ships,” says Kirby.


Repair the old instead of buying new

Destroyer Fitzgerald began the service in 1995. It is known that in February of this year, the ship completed repairs, which cost $ 21 million. Now the destroyer is again in repairs in the Japanese port of Yokosuka.

Last week the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said that four years after his resignation and return to the Pentagon at Defcon, caused, he believes, sequestration of the military budget by the Obama administration in 2013, shook him.

“I was shocked with what I saw in the area of combat readiness,” said Mattis.

He stressed that “no enemy has inflicted more damage” amerikanskis military forces than the budget.

According to Mathis, to correct the situation will take years of increasing the budget for military spending.

During his speech, Mattis also asked Congress to allow the closing of unnecessary military bases on the territory of the United States. According to him, saved in this way means it would be more profitable to spend on the purchase of helicopters, fighter jets and nuclear submarines.

The observer is reporting that a problem the us Navy is that the service life of the ships, though extended, but still they are not sufficient. US Navy are in need of 350 ships, and have only 273.

By 2019 it is planned to reduce a single carrier, leaving 51 shock the submarine is 56. The number of cruisers and destroyers will increase by 12 to 93.

US Navy

The most noticeable change in the Navy – a reduction of amphibious ships – from 41 in 2001 to 31 in 2019.

But the problem is not just about numbers. Professor of strategy naval war College James Holmes says in the analysis of regional military balances as a starting point is often accepted the premise that the U.S. Navy will be at full strength to oppose the Navy of the enemy (who also will perform at full strength).

He says that part of the U.S. Navy will have to confront the combined military might of the Navy, the air force of the enemy, and sometimes ground forces.

The Japan-based 7th fleet, which includes Fitzgerald and other 60-70 warships, could face the Navy of the people’s liberation army of China, with military aircraft of the Chinese air force, capable of operating at sea, as well as with the 2nd artillery corps, the PLA, which has anti-ship ballistic missiles.

So the us Navy just would not let the Chinese coast, concludes Holmes.

According to him, the problem of the Navy is also those who decide what to Fund, how many and what ships to order and how to distribute them in the Navy.

Note that the United States built the Zumwalt – the largest destroyer squadron with a full displacement of about 15 thousand tons and speed up to 30 knots. It cost 4.4 billion dollars.

However, the damage on him before he went out in the yard. Later, during the passage through the Panama canal from the failed heat exchangers in the power plant of the ship, which powers a number of its systems, including weapons and sensors.

Not only fleet, experiencing problems. Earlier Корреспондент.net examined in detail, what problems does the us army – the strongest in the world.

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