Florence all infected infection of love

The fifth book Alice Danson under the name “Florence. The view from the hill” is not the museums and great names, but above all ordinary people, in contact with which suddenly begin to discover some simple truths about life, love, death, and the live contact there, he suddenly wakes up a completely different Italy, so book Dansk — not Intrusive statement “look right, look left”, but it is a choice ways, choice of key that can open a door, her second, somewhere on the touch, somewhere at random.

…And here the other day in Moscow hosted a presentation of “down”: Alice Danson answered readers ‘ questions, explained that is to say, his motivation in the “revival” of Florence without tourist-culture fetishism.

— When I decided to write a book about Florence — starts Dansk, made me think: what new I can say? Published hundreds of essays, books, albums, everything! And suddenly a kind of Alice Danson decided to write something . And the Florentines — people are so difficult — look at me askance and say: “you are courageous”. Like, maybe he shouldn’t? But imagine, after all I decided on this. Decided on the difficult path of rapprochement with this woman, because Florence in my book is a living woman. With a very nasty, difficult character. And for ten years I tried to find some approach to it. And were born — very difficult — all these essays.

But these essays are not traditional?

— Now I will tell you what you will NOT read in my book. You will not read nor Michelangelo nor Leonardo da Vinci nor the riches of the Uffizi, nor about a variety of Palazzo… Because it is about a woman, the whole book is breaking its relations with its subjects, with her husbands, children. Unfortunately, you will not read about such an important thing that catches the eye, but I didn’t dare, is about the incredible sexuality of this city. Well, I’m sorry. You’ll have to go there and understand it for themselves. Although sexuality is present everywhere, even in masculine symbolism: the naked body of David and the flower of iris. Oh yeah, if you in may will come to Florence, he always blooms like a weed. Is delicate, refined…

And your book is not a tribute to fashion?

— One man said: “You wrote about Florence, because it is fashionable”. But sorry, Florence came into Vogue in the second half of the XVIII century and since then, fashion was not issued. And all the time something happens that keeps things interesting for her. For me the main thing is not fashion but style. I tried to imagine that Florence is still alive. She’s not just a Museum or just the Museum’s Director, which she did, but remained in her something that allows her to evolve and move on. And it’s the people and crafts. Italians are all, of course, love their villages and cities, but as the Florentines love Florence, is nothing like it. Now I have the complex was born, that I’m madly in love with, say, his native Moscow. From Florence at all spread love, joy.

— And you love her?

About love hard to say. It is not a serene feeling. Florence is that lady that presses on you. Squeezes you dry, and you still love her and admire. Don’t know if I managed to pass it… anyway be careful with this city. He just does not let anybody.

— But why still Florence?

— I will tell you: here I am going to write a collection of cultural essays called “Once in Italy”, are often very fond of, well, I’ll write an article about Venice, about Milan… well, the beginning. And in Florence I go out of necessity, there lives a doctor, who from time to time need to contact. So ten years to go. Both the beginning year and a half and wrote. There was born the book. This is the specificity of Italy: any, even the smallest village I wanted to spit on Florence, she will not love, will not love Milan, Pisa… because that village — the village is the center of the world, she has a great story, and these are all of Florence, so far as. So no it is not necessary to compare. You can only speak respectfully and with love. The most important thing in life is not the landscape, not a Museum, but the man who next to you; through him you know the city.

— Do you have it “figured out” immediately?

— No. First impression was that you don’t see the neighborhood — in the same very narrow streets, do not see any majestic cathedrals, or statues… so after the first visit, I did not understand. I needed to come a second time to climb the hill and only the hill to see the city of Florence from the hill has nothing to do with what’s inside. Therefore, the book is called “the view from the hill”. I love the early morning when there are no people to run to the green bench, but to reach there, we must go on the Golden bridge. No one, shops are closed, and you go and think about, in XVI century there were people, and I’m going through, nothing has changed. Go across this bridge, enjoy life, moving from one city to another. Behind my back is a Museum, and I go to the shop for vegetables and fruits…

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