Found in the Luggage of a Dutch journalist, the remains belong to victims of flight MH-17 – the Prosecutor’s office


Found in the Luggage of the detainee at the airport Amsterdam-Schiphol (Netherlands) journalist, similar to the human remains of the object according to the results of forensic examination turned out to be a human bone. During the DNA test revealed that she belongs to one of the dead passengers Boeing-777, which was carrying out flight MH17 was shot down in Donetsk region the Russian system “Beech” 17 July 2014. The identity of the sitter was established in 2014.

This was announced by the public Prosecutor’s office.

Relatives of the victims of the tragedy have already been informed, the report said.

The other seized the journalist fragment was also investigated, but it turned out to be irrelevant to a criminal investigation.

It is reported that the journalist refused to cooperate with the police, which asked him to provide video – and photo – materials that could shed light on the place where it was found they carried the fragments . In view of this, the media was seized by the police, said the Prosecutor’s office.

In rebuttal to Russian media, the reporter and his companion was not arrested, said the Prosecutor’s office.

We will remind, at the airport “Schiphol” detained Dutch journalist Miquel Stackers (Michel Spekkers), which was carrying the wreckage of downed in the sky above the Donbass Boeing-777 flight MH17. In the Luggage of a journalist had a few bags with metal details, and a single object, which is similar to human remains.

A Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down by a Russian Buk launcher on 17 July 2014 in Donetsk region. Killing all 298 people aboard. The passengers of the flight were citizens of 10 countries, most of the victims were citizens of the Netherlands.

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