Found the most favorable for life exoplanet

Photo: EurekAlert! Exoplanet seven times heavier than Earth

It is much larger than Earth and may have on the surface of the water.

Astronomers have discovered the most liveable exoplanet that exceeds the size of the Earth 1.4 times. LHS 1140b planet belongs to a class of supertall located in the habitable zone of its star and may contain on the surface of the water, reports EurekAlert!.

The planet revolves around a red dwarf star located 40 light years from Earth, and its age, according to scientists, is about five billion years.

The mass of exoplanets larger than the earth seven times, and it says that a heavenly body is very dense and is composed of rocks and iron core. The year on the planet lasts only 25 days.

Scientists estimate that the planet is more habitable than detected Proxima b or TRAPPIST-1 .


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