Fourcade won the last race of the season in violation of the rules

Photos: Kalle Parkkinen/Newspix24/ Globallookpress.com

French biathlete Martin Fourcade won the last race of the world Cup mass start in Norwegian Holmenkollen. At one stage he broke the rules, however, the jury left the win for Fourcade

Fourcade, who even at the last stage of the world Cup secured a victory in the overall standings, came out on the mass start with an empty clip. Already at the first turn he found that he had nothing to shoot, and appealed for help to the coaches.

According to the rules, in this situation, the biathlete must ask to give him a spare magazine judge. Contact with coaches during the race is strictly prohibited, and Fourcade had no right to a clip from coach. However, by the turn at this point because of an error of the organizers, the judges didn’t appear. French coach, respectively, could not pass, he the clip the judge, as he was absent, and left the store alone .

The race Director of the Russian biathlon Vadim Melikhov has explained in conversation with the correspondent Sports.ru that in such a situation, the jury had every reason not to punish Him. He, according to the rules, showed that he had an empty clip, but he could not know that the wind is no judge. French coach could await the arbitrator, however, clear instructions in the regulations no.

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