FPS after the inspection after the death of a top Manager of the Russian space Agency has taken control of the prison №5

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MOSCOW, April 20. /TASS/. Detention facility №5 (Vodnik) management FSIN across Moscow following the results of checks carried out after death to the camera from stab wounds to the Executive Director of Roscosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, taken under special control of the capital FPS.

“Prison No. 5 are placed on the control of UFSIN of Russia in Moscow as an institution with a complex operational environment. The plan was developed to provide practical assistance, from the office of the FPS organized regular inspections of works on elimination of the revealed shortcomings,” – said TASS in the press service of the Ministry.

After the death of Evdokimova in the detention unit, the head of the UFSIN across Moscow Sergey Moroz appointed official investigation. He promised to investigate all the circumstances of the accident, including figuring out how the camera caught the knife and what was the fault of the prison staff . “We are extremely concerned about the situation, which we have developed in the jail, so the appropriate organizational conclusions, including personnel, will be made to ensure that such situations do not arise”, – promised earlier frost.

As reported Thursday in the Federal penitentiary, in the course of the audit revealed violations of the organization on the territory of the prison, as well as control and supervision over the behavior of detainees.

Punished 14 people

The results of verification adopted a number of personnel decisions – 14 employees UFSIN brought to strict disciplinary action, including demotion or dismissal. In addition, appointed the new head of the investigation isolator # 5 is temporarily acting head of the companies Alexey Gorbachev, who is under dismissal from the penal system. He was acting head of the detention center from 21 December 2015. During this time in jail happened in another incident on 13 January last year escaped accused the big drugs 22-year-old citizen of Tajikistan, posing as his cellmate, who was supposed to be released.

The new head of the jail in the North-West of Moscow (11-m leader in the history of the prison, in force since 1992 on the former site of LTP – approx. TASS) was Denis Papusha, head earlier, according to media reports, the detention center № 1 UFSIN for the Krasnodar territory.

The Death Of Evdokimova

Executive Director of the Russian space Agency for the control of quality and reliability Vladimir Evdokimov was placed in prison in December 2016 in the case of theft of property aircraft Corporation “MiG” on 200 million roubles. March 18, 2017 it was discovered with three stab wounds in the bathroom of the camera. Eleven of his cellmates said that nothing was heard or seen.

SK brought criminal case under article “Murder”.

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