French film star Fanny Arden called Europe lackeys for trying to appease the US and to demonize Russia

Representatives of Western countries should cease to practice the policy of demonizing Russia, which in recent years has become a force capable of confronting the United States.

According to “Russian conversation” with a link to the TV channel Arte, this view was voiced by French actress Fanny Ardant.

According to her, she is perplexed by the number of unhappy Russia and the Kremlin’s actions.

“Aren’t you happy that there is finally a force to oppose America? Or are you so become its lackeys, you don’t want anyone to be able to counter it?” noticed Ardan.

The screen also noted the revival of the Western population after a long time of stay under the “wing” of the us imperialists.

Moreover, Ardan drew attention to the West’s desire to “give lessons”, during which it awards both good and bad marks. This is Western history in a greater degree inherent in colonization, ugliness and war .

The actress concluded with a reminder that journalists everywhere will find a “scapegoat” and the object is to demonize: this is exactly what happened in Russia.

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