German foreign Minister: legalisation of settlements will complicate the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

BONN /Germany/, February 16. /TASS/. Legalisation of settlements will complicate the middle East conflict on the principle of “two States”. This was announced at a press conference, the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel.

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“We support a settlement on the principle of “two States” and are concerned that the immense building of settlements and even legalization of the illegal policy of settlements will make it impossible solution based on “two States”, – he said.

In his opinion, such a policy of Israel “in the end, leads to the fact that the risk of the outbreak of the conflict until the war in the middle East, is growing.” Gabriel added that the German government considers the settlement on the basis of the principle of existence of two States for two peoples “is the only realistic scenario is to reduce the degree of conflict in the region .”

In early February, the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) approved the second and third – final – readings of the law on legalization of illegal Jewish settlements and outposts in the West Bank of the Jordan river. The document prescribes the procedure of legalization of outposts, and separate buildings, built on private Palestinian land, previously considered illegal by the Israeli authorities. The act also establishes the abolition of the demolition of illegal buildings settlers and renewal of squatter long-term lease with the payment of compensation to the Palestinian owners of the land.

In the 50 years since gaining control over the West Bank of the Jordan river in 1967, Israel has built some 120 settlements in the area. They are considered one of the main obstacles to the resumption of the peace process. In addition to these 120 settlements in the West Bank are about 100 illegal even according to Israeli authorities outposts and groups of buildings that occupy a total of 800 hectares of private Palestinian land and represent 4 thousand housing units. All in all settlements in the West Bank – and legal, from the point of view of Israel, and illegally live about 600 thousand Israelis.

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