Germany: trump doesn’t want the “extra jobs” in Europe

Photo: Getty Images trump is not interested in additional jobs in Europe

So the White House won’t join the “channel format”, said the representative of the German government.

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump don’t need extra challenges in Europe, so Washington is not interested in the extension of the “channel format”.

About it told the Commissioner of the German government for cooperation with Russia Gernot Erler in an interview Dеutsche Welle.

“The impression that the administration of Donald trump is not interested to go through the additional tasks in Europe. But rather, continuing the course of the administration of Barack Obama, she believes it is a European problem that should be resolved by the Europeans,” he said.

“The American side is not interested in changing the format. This is the impression we have. I think it’s understood in Kiev”, – said Erler. (the foreign Ministry of Ukraine has recently stated that the US will not become part of the “Norman format” – ed.)

The representative of Germany considered that the participation of the American side will be limited to consultation and approvals, as and when the administration of Barack Obama.

“But no direct participation. Looks like it will continue,” he said.

Recall that the negotiations in the “Normandy format” was suspended due to elections in Germany and France.

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