Golodets instructed to create a single electronic music library

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets

© Peter Kovalev/TASS

MOSCOW, November 23. /TASS/. Vice-Premier of the Russian government Olga Golodets instructed the members of the all-Russian choral society to create a unified electronic music library with scores, lyrics and recordings of exemplary performances of musical works.

During the meeting of the all-Russian choral society Olga Golodets noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the questions that were raised in discussions at the St. Petersburg cultural forum.

“It turns out that we do not have a good music library. Colleagues, there is an assignment that we created with you the electronic library,” she said.

According to Deputy Prime Minister, when the need arises to find the score and the text on the network, often in different sources presented different options. “Coming here is a serious mismatch between. We will take this work and make good music library,” – said Golodets .

She added that the library may contain not only notes and lyrics, but recordings of exemplary performances of works. “Unfortunately, not always on the Internet you can find a good, worthy performance, which could be an example”, – said the Golodets.

Also Deputy Prime Minister said that in 2013 Russia 10% increase in the number of Amateur choirs.

“Every year in the country under the auspices of the choral society is about 135 choral activities for four years of activity the number of Amateur choirs in the country has increased by almost 10% and reached 50 thousand group, which is a lot,” – said Golodets.

She noted that to date, the all-Russian choral society has 556 professional participants.

In addition, Golodets proposed to create a corporate festival of choirs. “We will ask the Russian tripartite Commission to employers and invite them to hold such a festival, because many enterprises have choirs, and I can see them,” he added.

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