Gossekretar Tillerson sounded cynical one condition under which Washington is ready to cooperate with Moscow.

In Bonn kicked off the meeting of the delegations of the Russian Federation and the United States, led by the head of the interior Ministry Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson.

According to “Russian conversation”, some details of the first talks at the level of foreign ministries between Moscow and Washington was promulgated by the AFP news Agency.

This conversation was the first of its kind after it was replaced by the President of the United States and formed a new leadership team in Washington.

According to the data, Tillerson expressed readiness to cooperate with the Kremlin, however, suggests this is reasonable only if the contacts are to carry favor for the United States.

In addition, the head of the us state Department appealed to his Russian counterpart, urging him to respect the program of the Minsk agreements and stick to them .

It is worth noting that not so long ago, Tillerson categorically spoke of the government of the Kremlin. However, U.S. Secretary of state expressed hope for the establishment of normal relations between Moscow and Washington.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” said Lavrov told some of the planned aspects of the upcoming meeting with Tillerson. The Minister of the Russian Federation, in particular, raised a few questions that the Kremlin would like to discuss with the American administration.

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