Govorukhin proposed to limit television advertising during the screening of films

MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. The head of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin has submitted to the lower house of Parliament a bill that proposes to limit the duration of advertisements shown on television during the demonstration of the film two minutes. The draft law is placed in electronic base of documents of the state Duma.

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Under current law, the demonstration of the movie on television it is allowed to interrupt it with ads, provided that the duration of each interruption of television advertising does not exceed four minutes. The number of “commercial breaks” during the movie showing is not limited.

The author of the bill proposes to allow advertising directly to the demonstration or after the demonstration movie on TV. According to the bill in order to show ads during a demonstration of the movie, the channel will require the consent of the copyright holder . Also the administration proposes that the duration of advertising during a demonstration of a motion picture may not exceed two minutes, provided preliminary information on the follow-broadcast advertising.

Additionally, the bill directed offers to resolve the situation with the rapid showing of titles at the end of the show on television movies. Govorukhin said that the use of musical accompaniment during fast display of captions, the authors of the music to the film lose their rights under the fourth part of the Civil code, remuneration for the use of musical works.

To solve this problem the author suggests to give the right of TV channels to cut the final credits only in order established by the Federal Executive authority in the field of cinematography, and in the case of blending the music for the credits of the movie – only with the consent of the author of a musical work.

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