Graceful Pugachev was caught by surprise at the photo exhibition

Smiling Viktor Tsoi, clinging to a radiator, sitting on the floor and something to drink. Slim young Boris Grebenshikov leans against the window, where on the posters — fat loaves of sausage. Young, has great hair Yuri Shevchuk hand with the bulky rings holds up the phone, but her eyes are hypnotizing pack of cream. So, full of excitement and inner freedom, brought the leaders of the young Soviet rock in the pictures of Igor Mukhin, whose exhibition “Alternative culture of the 80s” began in MAMM.

Photo: courtesy of MAMM

Black-and-white retrospective is not just alive, but still young classics — 55‑year-old Mukhina — get rich on emotions. Then you and Alla with a very stern face shows the entire length of the legs when searching for the right tapes. Ruffled slim member of the “Auktyon” is on the corner. Zhanna Aguzarova danced in flamboyant costume, and Vyacheslav Butusov lights on the guitar .

— Except for the brilliant photos of Russian rock we deliberately took another series Mukhina — “Monuments” in 1988, says exhibition curator Anna Zaitseva. The theme of our festival, which is showing an exhibition, “Wind of time”. Then, in the time of perestroika, there was a clash between two eras that most accurately convey the work Mukhina. Looking at them, you perceive the destruction of the Soviet monumentality, and on its ruins germinate new thinking, and aesthetics. Another world breaks through another, the past is the story of the exposition.

It includes about 120 frames, which some see only as a chronicle of the 1980s. Yes, the photographer recorded the process and conveyed the atmosphere of the time, but it is narrow and does not reflect the total Mukhina flight. As a true master and teacher — he teaches at the Rodchenko school, he managed to create a tutorial photo that shows how you can fix the shift stylistic and mental epochs, occurring here and there.

— Igor, you shot Tsoi, Grebenshchikov, Shevchuk Alexander Gradsky… this number is not enough.

At that time he was already a singer of pop, claimed and allowed. I am also interested in the forbidden rock, who also eventually became legal.

— How is it you so attracted?

— Not by rock musicians, I specifically did not take off. Photographed young people, like me, and it turned out that the frame sometimes got someone from the rockers. In all this the most important thing for me was to go outside and be surprised that you’re not alone.

— Could it be?

The time was strange, I wanted to research it. It seemed that this state will live forever. But then something started to happen. Blew the wind of change.

The corporate Trustee of the MAMMA: “Norilsk Nickel”.

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